Seal "Shocked" By Heidi Klum Divorce

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Mere hours after Heidi Klum and Seal confirmed their divorce, interviews between Seal and Ellen DeGeneres (airing today) and PBS' Tavis Smiley (Friday) hit the web.

The topic of his separation was not off the table. Not even close.

About to embark on a new album tour, Seal is more than willing to openly speak about what shocked us - and himself, apparently. "I think we were shocked," he said.

"You go into these things with the greatest intentions when you say 'I do' and you say ''Till death do us part.' Those vows hold value," the singer told Ellen.

"They are not just words. These things happen. We pretty much said how we feel and made it clear in the release statement."

"But, for intents and purposes of this show, you just grow apart after awhile. You try and you work through it and the thing that you quickly realize when you are married and you become a parent is you do the best that you can."

"It makes you actually appreciate your parents a lot more."

"The thing that I'm most proud about this great woman who married - and I really do mean that from the bottom of my heart - is that together she has given me four incredible gifts, four beautiful children. 

"She still, in my opinion, the most wonderful woman in the world."

"I think our priority was to remain civil and do this thing with dignity. We still very much love each other. It's not a question of we were never to follow suit of some breakup or separations that you hear about, especially in our industry."

"It's a shame. To say that neither of us were grieving would be an out and out lie, and I don't mind telling you that. We both have a tremendous amount of respect and love and we try and do this with as much dignity as we possibly can."

"And of course, when you have four children, you hope and pray that the rest of the world will respect that we have four children and that their little hearts are at stake, too."

Here's Seal on Tavis Smiley's show as well:


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