Sarah Palin to Newsweek: YOU'RE Dumb!

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Many conservatives are furious over Newsweek's controversy-bait cover story by Andrew Sullivan, whose headline asks, "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?"

Sarah Palin is taking it particularly personally, though.

"Know what's truly 'dumb'?" Palin Tweeted. "Giving a cover story to the Trig Truther conspiracy kook writer who thinks I didn't give birth to my son."

Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?
Sarah Palin in NYC

In a play on the "Birther" conspiracy surrounding Obama's birth certificate, Palin is calling out Sullivan for questioning whether she is Trig's real mother.

In 2008, Sullivan and others theorized that a Sarah Palin pregnancy scandal involving a cover-up of Bristol Palin getting knocked up could be in effect.

Bristol was, of course, pregnant with Tripp, not Trig.

He hypothesized that Palin "faked the pregnancy to avoid embarrassment for her daughter [Bristol Palin] or for political gain or some combination of reasons."

Sullivan's response to Palin calling him out today?

"I have no idea, as I have said time and time again, whether Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, and have never written such a thing."

"All I ever asked for a person who could become president was some basic evidence for her insane story, like medical records that most candidates have no problem providing."

"She never provided any, and preferred to withdraw from seeking public office rather than do so. Of course, no response to the substance. She doesn't do substance. Neither, it seems, does much of the rightwing blogosphere.

Other conservative bloggers have fired back against Sullivan on political grounds. Andrew Breitbart's Big Government writes "Why Is Andrew Sullivan So Dumb?"

"You'd have to be stupid, fanatical, and dishonest to argue - as Trig Truther Sullivan does - that Barack Obama's failures are part of an ingenious 'long game' destined to succeed," he wrote. "If this is the best Obama's supporters can do, Obama's only hope for re-election is the weak Republican field."

During a Fox News segment on Sullivan's article Monday night, the network blurred out Sullivan's name when showing the Newsweek cover.

"They are far too afraid to have me on to defend it," Sullivan wrote. "I've been on the blacklist for years. Like Ron Paul, too dangerous for Fox."


Well, I assumed from reading most of the comments that people here were complete brainwashed idiots. But thank you to patrickpoliticalgates for putting the cherry on top of the insanity sundae and proving it.


Sarah Palin constantly reminds us of her dumbness!!
Nowhere on the cover of Newsweek does it mention her Name. She has allowed her Name to be connected to McCain, Michelle Bachmann, *Dumber Trump,and Now she is back to were she started having the Need to have her Name associated with The President. In No category whatsoever is Sarah Palin's Name associated with politics. Fox News keep her around because she has a definite Need for attention. Her tongue wagging self absorbed stupidity is always a good example of showing just how dumb she continues to be. PEACE!!


Sarah Palin is like a spoiled brat, she just wants some attention, let her do a lie detector test once and for all, ask numerous questions about other lies from the Palins.


also.... Most the shit repubs whine about is stuff they already do! Ex palin mad about a birth conspiracy... Really palin!!!!! Werent u lead bitch for the birthers? Repubs have no damn respect for ppl. They dnt respect teachers neone in a union which also includes police and firefighters they think all government wkrs are shit. They hate unemployed ppl cuz they have no idea how to fix this mess and they love using propaganda to futher their agenda. As in stating obama is starting class warfare becuz he states facts as in the only damn ppl to prosper the last ten yrs are the top percent. And the middle class is disappearing. Why dnt u bring that up repubs!!!


the truth is repubs have lied a hell of alot about sum very important things. They have said he wasnt even born here, hes a closet muslim, socialist, some have gone as far as saying he is the anachrist! Palin is especially dumb becuz she took michele obams health inicitive for kids and turned it into a joke by giving out cupcakes to school children! Sorry but ppl who believe or do these things are dumb! There really is no otha explination when one believes such dribble. I feel for the obamas hell he knew it wud be hard but all the slander,lies, and conspiracy therories are enuff to make a person go crazy!


This bitch is like a Case of Herpies. She will not go away! Besides-NCAA Basketball is In season- What's this bitch doing talking Politics.


The real question is--who cares? Who cares about Sarah Palin anyway? Can we move on to something that actually matters?

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