Sarah Palin: The Fix Is In For Mitt Romney

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Is the fix in for Mitt Romney? Sarah Palin seems to think so, going on an epic Facebook rant against Republicans trying to smack down Newt Gingrich ... but is she even more full of it than the establishment she rails against?

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    Sarah Palin is a quitter and a loser and a liar. Tea Party should be able to at least find someone as their keynote speaker who has more than a 25% approval rating. If the entire Group cannot find someone who is more respected than Sarah Palin, it is sad. You cannot get far as a Party if you choose a speaker because they are pretty and female and a good cheerleader but their motive is to get media attention for herself and a large speaking fee from the Tea Party. As a Group, it looks like the Tea Party is being taken to the cleaners by the Grifters from Alaska.




    @ Morrie- I agree


    She has crossed the river to the other side and has seen the light of Jesus and the Bridge to that was Joe McGinnis.


    Sweet & sexy Sarah Palin has the prettiest smile, the most perfect teeth, the smoothest peaches & cream complexion; and nobody, not even Pamela Geller, does big hair better than Super Sarah.


    GingRich 2012


    I enjoy shopping at Staples and that's why i'm voting for Mitt Romney.



    Poll after poll is showing that Romney's appeal with independents has dropped like a rock.

    Highly accurate fivethirtyeight recent polling has shown that Romney's positive rating is at 31%, with his negative at 51%.

    Even if it were off by 5%, whoch is unlikely, Romney would still be at 32.55 and 48.55 respectively.

    Romney is unelectable.

    BTW, amazing that you know what her motives are and what is in her heart. Great powers you have. .


    Perhaps this young generation will be able to re-gain the liberty that their parents ignorantly exchanged for security. And who deserve neither liberty or security. Ron Paul 2012!


    Sarah Palin is nothing but a has been, who is only concerned about keeping her name in the news. She can't even come up with something new and original on her own. She has to use terms such as flip-flopper or "alinsky", or whatever else someone has used. I am an independent conservative who cannot understand that the election is not won by the so wrongly called republican social conservative. If you dont capture the independent vote you dont have a chance of beating Obama. The Sarah Palins of the world need to wake the hell up and pull your head out of where the sun does'nt shine and realize what you are trying to push is just a bunch of crap. Go ahead and show that you are as really dumb as you showed in 2008. As long as republicans keep you talking then we really are in for 4 more years of Obama because of your idiotic rants, I agree with some of the posts earlier, SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO AWAY, and this is from someone who used to respect what you had to say. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

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