Sarah Palin Says Chris Christie Has "Panties in a Wad" Over Newt Gingrich Surge

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Sarah Palin has a way with words.

The 2008 V.P. nominee, who hasn't formally endorsed Newt Gingrich but still told people to vote for Newt in South Carolina and is clearly glad he won Saturday's primary, had some fun with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's reaction to Gingrich's win.

After Christie, a Romney supporter and surrogate, bashed Gingrich as an embarrassment to the Republican party, Palin stated, eloquently, that Chris just has his panties in a wad over his guy losing. Sarah's words, not ours. Watch:


She is a big reason Newt will never win. This woman is like a Cancer. You would think with NCAA Basketball Conference Play starting - this Skank would be spread Eagle in a Dorm. That McGinnis booked ruined her Ass! It's that simple. The only reason this tight jawed Jackass keeps getting Air time is because FOX has her until 2013.


Governor Sarah Palin a Lady with skills and many God given talents.
Refeshing to follow the words of Sarah Palin.


Having Sarah Palin on your show is like waiting for the punchline. She remains the joke!!

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