Ron Paul: Actually Praised By South Carolina Senator!

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Despite two strong finishes in as many races, Ron Paul has been derided as unelectable, even dangerous in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination by many critics.

Such criticism of Paul stems not from Democrats, but from Republican pundits and political figures - something U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina is upset by.

DeMint, whose state holds a critical primary Saturday, says it's time to start taking Paul, his views and the contingent of supporters he has assembled seriously.

This isn't just lip service, either. In a series of interviews, including this one on the Laura Ingraham Show (below), DeMint mentioned Paul foreseeing certain crises.

DeMint has said he's not formally endorsing a candidate in the race, but from the sound of it, he's endorseing some major component's of Paul's platform ...


What do you mean 'actually?'


Ron Paul is honest. You can like him or hate him (it's up to you) but you got to admit, with Ron Paul, what you see is what you get. He gets my vote! With any other candidate...who knows what you'll get?


Dr Ron Paul has become a symbol of that spark of freedom and liberty trying to make a come-back in a corrupt political system. :e embodies all that we hold dear as freedom loving Americans. His message will continue to resonate among We the People! Vote Ron Paul!


I am a veteran and I am voting for Ron Paul.


thats because that senator isnt a pussy like all you hollywood scumbags not endorsing anyone because youre afraid you might not get an acting gig. watch this video im linking. this is why people love ron paul. he knows what the f@ck is actually going on!!! !!!!!


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