Ron Paul Accurately Predicts Future Crises in 2002 Speech

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The common knock against Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is that he is out of touch with too much of the electorate to possibly win the presidency.

If that's true, perhaps it's the electorate's problem, not Paul's.

In a chilling speech on April 24, 2002, the Texas Congressman outlined numerous issues he predicted would transpire over the next decade and why. Watch Paul's address to Congress, juxtaposed with the reports of the news he saw coming, here:

Basically, Ron Paul accurately predicted:

  • The invasion of Iraq
  • The failure of the government of Afghanistan
  • Both political parties endorsement of military interventionalism
  • The erosion of U.S. civil liberties and the Constitution
  • Americans becoming poorer over the ensuing decade
  • An international financial crisis that would decimate U.S. government finances, trigger a recession and resulting in exploding deficits for years

Paul concluded his speech saying he hoped he would be wrong on all accounts. Can anyone really argue that he was - or that he's out of touch now?


It is important to remember that this is not some oddball assortment of oujia board predictions. All of these predictions come from an analysis of current events (in 2002) and Pauls understanding of politics and economics. He was right then because he understood the world around him. He is right about what he says is coming now for the same reasons. Maybe for once we should elect a president that really understands the world instead of some idiot requiring on the job training who will surround himself with yes men.


I saw this video last night, and started crying! Seriously America WAKE UP! RON PAUL 2012!


The only one who predicted it is the only one that can fix it.

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