Ron Paul Accurately Predicts Future Crises in 2002 Speech

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The common knock against Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is that he is out of touch with too much of the electorate to possibly win the presidency.

If that's true, perhaps it's the electorate's problem, not Paul's.

In a chilling speech on April 24, 2002, the Texas Congressman outlined numerous issues he predicted would transpire over the next decade and why. Watch Paul's address to Congress, juxtaposed with the reports of the news he saw coming, here:

Basically, Ron Paul accurately predicted:

  • The invasion of Iraq
  • The failure of the government of Afghanistan
  • Both political parties endorsement of military interventionalism
  • The erosion of U.S. civil liberties and the Constitution
  • Americans becoming poorer over the ensuing decade
  • An international financial crisis that would decimate U.S. government finances, trigger a recession and resulting in exploding deficits for years

Paul concluded his speech saying he hoped he would be wrong on all accounts. Can anyone really argue that he was - or that he's out of touch now?

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Notice how everyone else just let it happen?


The end made me cry. Sooo sad that we allowed this to happen. I hope we do him the honor of guiding America before it's too late.


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Yes! It's Videos like this of Ron Paul on YouTube that made me a supporter of Ron Paul. I have never seen a politician so consistently speak so thoughtfully and with such wisdom, even in the face of collective fear mongering whether it was toward the USSE in the 1980s or the Islamic world in the 2000's. Thank you for bringing this video to people's attention.


I loved the clip of Ron Paul's predictions.... WOW! He nailed it ALL!! Very exciting times, and I will Vote for Ron Paul for The President of The United States of America in 2012. I found the other commenters very fresh and inspired reads, and now it is time to restore the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution, and time to save America.


Welcome aboard readers: there is a choice to Obamney! Or vote for Rombama, but don't get surprised that "change" or whatever gibberish Obama spews daily about "us and them others" and Romney emulates never came!


Dear America, You have finally an honest man with a great deal of integrity as well as intelligence running for the office of the President of the United States. He does not take money from corporations, he cannot be bribed, he speaks his mind, and he tells you the truth even when it's a truth that is uncomfortable to hear. If you throw away this opportunity, don't ever let it be said nobody warned you and that you're a victim of forces outside of your control. If you don't elect him, remember that's the bed you made, and you deserve to lie in it.


he also predicted the real estate collapse in 2001, look it up


Ron Paul is the only candidate who is talking about this.. He wants to end the War on Drugs since we already lost that war. Not that he is PRO-POT or Heroin (or whatever the media will try to throw at him) but he is pro-liberty... and that means you have to regulate yourself... the Govt won't do it for you.. can you handle that?? I am a combat vet (101st AirAssault) who doesn't use illegal drugs but i also don't think the govt should be telling anyone what to do to their body... as long as they aren't interfering with the rights of others of course! GO RON PAUL 2012


THIS IS GREAT... there really is hope for America... when i find a Ron Paul article on a gossip site and it has a well mashed video of RP at the same time... i really think we can save ourselves... but do we want to... do we really want to take the red pill??? Here's a good bit of information for you - Ron Paul is the only candidate trying to eliminate racism in OUR OWN govt... look at his debate this past weekend when he called out the elephant in the room... our judicial system, which is inherently racist. it's not that WE are bad or condone it (heck, i never realized it until RP brought it to my attention) but if you look at the makeup of the # of actual criminals vs the racial makeup in the # of arrests and convictions, blacks are on the losing end...

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