Rob Lowe to Replace Regis Philbin on Live?

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Regis Philbin's replacement on ABC could be Rob Lowe, reports say.

Lowe just finished a two-day stint guest hosting with Kelly Ripa and an ABC source says the top network brass "loved the chemistry between them."

Network executives have spoken with Lowe's reps about making it a permanent gig, but Lowe, who stars on Parks and Recreation, is non-committal.

Rob Lowe Pic

There's a big surprise. One of the more itinerant actors around, Lowe has departed in the middle of numerous programs' runs in pursuit of other projects.

Rob was just asked by TMZ whether he's moving to New York.

He said: "We were just talking about that. I love New York. I love the energy. It would be a change of pace. I'm a California boy, but it could be fun."

Thoughts? Rob Lowe replacing Regis Philbin ...

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What about Bravos Jeff Lewis?I tink he would would be a good co-host.


Jon Cryer would be a great co host.


Regis can't be replaced and the show is not the same without him!
I don't like watching Kelly anymore, she's changed way too much and makes a fool out of herself when it comes to the men on the show, but that started before Regis left. Was he forced out, sounds like it to me.


Regis is irreplaceable. Best bet is Anderson Cooper, but he's tied up with a dreadful afternoon show.
I really miss Regis. Still enjoy Kelly, but it's just not the same.
Please get the audience to stop screaming. Isn't applause enough?


Oh please get her off, she is the worst thing on TV, no talent what so ever. I think the show should be cancelled, sorry but she is awful and was terrible even with Regis....As for someone saying her husband should be the replacement, sorry OMG could you really picture that!!!!!!! He is as bad as she..... CANCEL THE SHOW


The only person that can replace Regis IS Regis! Miss you Reeg!!


I don't care, just get him off parks and rec!!!


just end the show Kelly is horrible, has always been horrible.


no! get someone better! like NPH or even her hubby. or Nick Lachey. they were good together. :)


actually i would like to see her husband to become the replacement for gegis philbin.