Rihanna and Chris Brown: Clubbing Together?!

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Fueling rumors that they are getting back together, or at least hooking up with each other again, Rihanna and Chris Brown partied at the same club last night.

The two singers, who have been the subject of so much speculation lately, left Greystone Manor, a West Hollywood club, in separate cars, around the same time.

It's unclear if they came together or headed to the same place after, but Rihanna and Chris Brown were ... there at the same time. Make of that what you will.

Rihanna Bikini Photograph
Chris Brown Grabs Crotch

Again, we emphasize that several people who were at the club Tweeted that as far as they could see, Rihanna and Chris were there with separate groups.

The protective order, which required that the Grammy nominees have no contact with each other after Brown beat Rihanna in 2009, was lifted a year ago.

They've also exchanged not-so-subtle Tweets lately, so wouldn't be at all scandalous, let alone illegal if they were there together. Let the gossip continue ...

Should Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together?

UPDATE: According to Chris' rep, the singer was only interested in one girl at the club... and that was Karrueche Tran. Brown's girlfriend. So there's that.


Chris shud rilly let go off her,its nt worth d trouble n pains,if hs current relatsionship shud work out,fine,enjoy n b d best man u can b..
#love u soo much chris #1 fan#


well chirs brown dont really need her everyones says he lost his fans but he aint loose me i dont believe he hit her unless she hit him first i feel if u women enough to hit u should be will too get retaliated on


Rihanna and Chris Brown Spotted Same Club Pictures and Video http://su.pr/1ErI39


You know just because some people don't talk to their ex after a fight or even a court case....doesn't mean that Rihanna and chris should have bad friendship.....in fact I'm glad that they are spending time together. I take my hat off to them because they are displaying human kindness!!!! Well done Chris and Rihanna


People really do need to keep their own business. I really believe that chris and rihanna are just friends. Yes, alot of people know that chris and rihanna still love one another. But they know that relationship will not be the same. If they did thought about hooking back up, it would be none of our business. Now i really see what type of media that we are dealing. The media can be so nasty that they can try to find something to it make big than what its not. If i was chris, i would keep making money.


If Rihanna just flew into LAX a few hours ago from her much talked about Hawaiian vacation, how, pray tell, was she at the same club as Chris Brown last night? And the sticker on his vehicle expired in November of last year??? Nice try, paps. You missed on this one!

Team me

Women who go back to men who are physically abusive almost always end up getting hit again. If she wants to go back to him, or mess around, or what-the-fuck-ever, then that's her stupid prerogative, but she is pretty much telling him that it's okay if he decides to beat her face in again.
Chris Brown is a piece of shit for putting his hands on a woman, and NOTHING will ever make me change my mind. If she goes back to him, then, in my opinion, she is no better than he is.


Why can't anyone see this?! These two still love each other and i don't see why it is bothering anybody! stop getting into their biness and mind yos puleez.....they'r stil young so u xpect this to happen. it ain't a suprize to me coz even if it was older couple, and they wanted things to work out...?! who dare say they shouldn't?? Chris and Rihanna have parents/ advisors who can help them.so let them be


They are both ugly as hell.. Honestly cmon people. They can dance but thats about it. Who cares if shes ready to lose a tooth this round. Thats her problem...


@Laura i cosign.
Rihanna should just leave Chris alone.he has moved on so she should try to do the same.
Chris should keep his distance from her because she bring out the worst in him.

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