Report: Rihanna and Chris Brown Totally Hooking Up!

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Take this with a grain of salt, because the source has been less than reliable lately, but a new report in Us Weekly claims Rihanna and Chris Brown are hooking up!

With February 8 marking the three-year anniversary of Chris' infamous assault of his then-girlfriend, relations between the two have definitely thawed since.

They've been exchanging not-so-secret Tweets and rumors suggest that Rihanna may really want him back. But Us takes it a step further with this claim:

Rihanna and Brown are secretly hooking up - and have been for some time!

Chris Brown, Rihanna

The edgy, platinum-selling "We Found Love" singer and Brown "meet up very casually," a Brown confidante says. "She comes to see him anytime she's in L.A."

"They can't get enough of each other. I don't see it ending well. Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that."

Somehow we're not buying it.

Chris lays low for the most part, but Rihanna is photographed EVERYWHERE she goes and is enormously busy to boot. It would be pretty hard to pull that off.

Chris is also dating Karrueche Tran. Details. "He and Rihanna are just friends," Brown's rep says. "He's not cheating." Ri's rep, meanwhile, had no comment.

Regardless of this report ... SHOULD they get back together?


run chris run! away!


If she did go back with him, he must be amazingly good in bed to have such a hold on her after what he did to her. Women are naturally too forgiving, much to their downfall.


who cares if we are on a gossip website, my daughter showed me this and she is the epitome of what women should not do. Physical abuse is never okay and she should realize she is in the lime light and young girls will follow her lead. Girls will end up dead if she doesn't. I am surprised Chris Brown has a career? It is young girls buying his album saying he has changed, he threw a chair on the set of good morning america he is a sleaze ball, that belongs in prison.


Let her do whatever she likes coz has the right as a humanbeing to do so.


STUPID move Rihanna! When he beats you a** again, dont go crying to the world.


Or maybe you shouldn't be on a gossip website if you so claim it's none of your business and to stay out of their lives. That's what gossip is all about. :)


How about...who cares! Maybe they deserve each other.


She has to be the biggest idiot in the world to go back to this creep!


You forgot: It's non of my business if and when they meet up to do whatever they want because it's their lives.

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