Report: Heidi Klum to Divorce Seal

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Heidi Klum is filing for divorce from Seal, according to reports.

Sources say the supermodel will file divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court as early as next week, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the cause for the divorce.

The couple married in May 2005 and have three biological children together. Seal also adopted Heidi's eldest daughter from a prior relationship with Flavio Briatore.

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So far, neither party has confirmed the report, first posted by TMZ. It is unclear what prompted the imminent dissolution of the marriage or how the matter leaked.

The pair, long regarded as one of Hollywood's most stable relationships, is famous for renewing their vows every year on their anniversary ... in a lavish ceremony.

They are also not PDA-shy when it comes to love for each other and their family. Suffice it to say, if this news is indeed true, it would be a major surprise to most.

As for splitting up their assets, there's a lot on the line.

According to Forbes, in the last year alone, Heidi Klum earned more than $20 million. It's unclear how much Seal, an award-winning recording artist, made.



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Heidi Klum [on her marriage proposal]: [Seal] took me by helicopter. He had an igloo built there, and they’d brought up everything: a bed with sheets inside the igloo, rose petals everywhere, candles. Very, very romantic! There was food and champagne, and then the helicopter left. It was a little scary, too, because you’re so cut off from the world. No trees, nothing - it was hard-core. But I was ecstatic. I loved it. It was wonderful.

I have a normal life and I have this glamorous life, but to me it's two different things. It's not like I'm this glamour diva who hands everything over and I just sit on my throne at home.

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