Prince, Paris and Blanket Memorialize Michael Jackson in Handprint Ceremony

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His memory and indelible mark on music and pop culture will last forever and now Michael Jackson's children have cemented his legacy ... in the literal sense.

With a hand and footprint ceremony, Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket Jackson, 9, left their mark - and Michael's - outside Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Here's a photo of the kids paying tribute to their late father Thursday, at the event held in conjunction with the Cirque de Soleil MJ-themed Immortal show:

Michael Jackson Kids at Handprint Ceremony

"This, right here, is his lifetime achievement award," said Prince Michael Jackson, 14. "This is what he strived to get, and this is what we are giving him now."

The Jackson kids made an imprint in the cement using Michael's famous sequin glove and a pair of his dancing shoes, and each added their own print as well.

Also there to celebrate the King of Pop's memory: mother, Katherine, brothers Tito and Jackie, Smokey Robinson, Quincy Jones and Justin Bieber, who said:

"He meant so much to me. More than entertainer; he was an inspiration."

We doubt he's alone in that sentiment.



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That's was sweet of Justin to speak on Michael Jackson behalf , I'm no fan of his music that's b/c I'm eight years old then him I can't get into his music , but I don't understand all the hate toward him he seem like a decent young man a least he doesn't bad mouth Michael .As for Michael Jackson kids it's one thing I like the most that they are close with their cousins and Katherine is not lettIng outside people into their lives that's what destroyed Michael having people in his life who was never his friend in the first place only a few good ones meant him well . Rip MJ sorry I had to retype skip too many damn words I type too fast silly me lol peace :)


That's was real sweet of Justin to show up and speak on Michael Jackson behalf , I don't know people trash him I'm no fan of his music that b/c I'm eight years older than him but he seems like a pretty decent young man a least he doesn't bad mouth Michael I don't get all the toward him. He has done nothing wrong to nobody. As for Michael Jackson's kids that's one thing I like most of all is how they are so close to their cousins and letting no outside people in their lives b/c that's what destroyed Michael having people in his life that's was never his friend in the first place only few that meant Michael well that was it .rip MJ


At this point, it's pretty obvious Michael did the absolute right thing for those kids when he was alive. He protected them from the media, he let them have a normal childhood at home with friends. He gave them an education, and they seem to be all the better for it. They seem like very articulate, very well-adjusted, smart kids. Good for them! I am sure their father is very proud of them today.


im truly sure Michael is so proud of his adorable children goes out publicly....This is what he wants from but he was just threatened thats why he tried to hide his children, but now i know he is very happy for everything....Love you the King of Pop and you are always the best...!


michael would be so happy!!


What a sweet occasion! I love that the kids all put their prints in with their dad's. I think that's exactly how he'd have wanted it. The kids are lovely and growing up fast!

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