Guy Says Things People Never, Ever Say

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People rarely shut up nowadays, but there are some things they just never say.

Ever hear anyone claim Breaking Dawn deserves an Academy Award? Or that they're really missing Rosie O'Donnell these days? Or they wish they could watch more WNBA games on TV? Or set their default font on MS Word to Papyrus?

Exactly. To that end, here is a collection of phrases you will often never hear:


i do not want to be friends with that guy ever!


Why would anyone be missing Rosie O'Donnell when she's got a show on OWN now?


Mmm.....Captain D's!


Buwahaha...I thought it was hilarious. The only one I haven't cared for so far was the Shit Southern gay guys say. I think because it looked like it was taped with an iPhone. I really wanted to like it too, because I'm southern and find gay guys especially hilarious. But alas......


Eh, that's not that funny.

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