Paula Deen Can't Eat Own Dishes Due to Diabetes

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The Food Network's Paula Deen is about to come clean with an ironic, sad admission: She can’t eat her own dishes anymore because she has diabetes.

The Georgia-born chef, considered the queen of high-calorie, Southern comfort food who has five best-selling cookbooks, has never addressed this.

In fact, she has been trying to keep her condition a secret, even after the National Enquirer reported in April 2011 that she has Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes has often been associated with fatty foods and obesity.

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Neither Paula Deen, 64, nor her reps have confirmed this report.

If Paula's brand is hurt by this revelation, she's covering her bases.

Sources say Deen has hammered out a seven-figure deal to be the spokeswoman pharmaceutical company Novartis, endorsing the drug she is taking.

Makes sense. But repositioning herself may prove a tough task.

“Paula Deen is going to have to rebrand herself now that she has diabetes,” said a source. “She’s going to have to start cooking healthier recipes."

"She can’t keep pushing mac and cheese and deep-fried Twinkies when she is hawking a diabetes drug five minutes later.”

In August, No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain called Deen “the worst, most dangerous person to America” and said she should “think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us.”

Never one to mince words, Anthony Bourdain.


I just love Paula Deen. Her recepie's are always wonderful. As Paula would say, she cooked like she did because she could. Now there is a reason not to. Her son Bobby Deen has a show on The Cooking Channel remaking his mom's dishes, but lighter. Maybe this is why. Go Paula, I still love you.


i dnt think she needs to change her whole program becuz of this. Ppl can eat her food during good ocasions or a couple of times a month. Its southern cooking! Of course its fatty do ppl up north nt kno wat southern cooking entails? As for health premiums going up hahaha honey that already is going on. My sis pays 800 for her and two kids a month! And thats thru her job and shes a docs sec. Nt to mention all plans have a cap and all plans dnt cover everything sooooo im happy a health mandate has been put in place. The cost of ins will actually be lower since everyone has to buy it. Do research nt fox-search and u may learn things


@Deborah, Not all people "eat themselves into disease." That is a very narrow-minded comment. Some people are diabetic as a child, and some get diabetes from other health issues. Maybe you should try to have some compassion than to just make assumptions about people. Paula Deen may have become Type II Diabetic because of diet choices and lack of exercise, but that doesn't mean that every diabetic became diabetic the same way she did. If your healthy and never make UN-healthy food choices, then you shouldn't have a problem with high health care cost, since you won't need it as much. A little compassion and understanding goes a long way.


I love watching Paula Deen. Anthony Bourdain's show is BORING and watching him for five minutes was enough for me to NEVER watch his show again!! Paula Deen is an amazing woman who went through alot, we could benefit from her story from her childhood to where she is now.


Anthony Bourdain... are you jealous of Paula's popularity? I've seen your show.. it doesn't inspire me! Paula's program presents a cozy,comfortable feeling & makes one feel the joy of food in your life. The individual has the ownership of what they eat not Paula Deen. Even diabetics can eat takes moderation, calorie counting, exercise,commitment & good medical care to control diabetes.Despite her diabetes, Paula will succeed.. she's a gracious lady not a snobby want to be!


I have type II diabetes too and YES you can eat anything you want but in moderation. MODERATION is the key. Sugar doesn't cause diabetes. So you can eat her food but measure what you eat, count carbs, exercise and get some weight off. It isn't the end of the world.


I can't eat a single one of her dishes - and God knows I've had aunts prepare them for family get-togethers - they are just *awful*! Sugar, sugar and a touch of MORE sugar and some trans-fats thrown in to boot. I'm not at all surprised she's diabetic. If I ate as much 'yummy sugar' as is in her meals, I'd end up diseased too. Just wait. Come 2014 when the mandated insurance requirements hit and we're totally enslaved to insurers - they are going to have a field day with making premiums rise in order to pay for the medical costs for everyone that chooses Mrs. Deans style of self-abuse. We're ALL going to have skin in the medical BILL game remember? Once that happens, will the public still be rooting for those who eat themselves into disease and raise everyone else's premiums?


I love Paula Deen's cooking, she is the BEST..... I hope she can do some great recipe for diabetes too, and I'm sure she will come up with some good ones. Wishing you all the Best Paula : )


Thats when I stoped watching authony bourdain. But it would help alot of people is she could show use good tasting food for diabetes.

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