Paula Deen Can't Eat Own Dishes Due to Diabetes

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The Food Network's Paula Deen is about to come clean with an ironic, sad admission: She can’t eat her own dishes anymore because she has diabetes.

The Georgia-born chef, considered the queen of high-calorie, Southern comfort food who has five best-selling cookbooks, has never addressed this.

In fact, she has been trying to keep her condition a secret, even after the National Enquirer reported in April 2011 that she has Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes has often been associated with fatty foods and obesity.

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Neither Paula Deen, 64, nor her reps have confirmed this report.

If Paula's brand is hurt by this revelation, she's covering her bases.

Sources say Deen has hammered out a seven-figure deal to be the spokeswoman pharmaceutical company Novartis, endorsing the drug she is taking.

Makes sense. But repositioning herself may prove a tough task.

“Paula Deen is going to have to rebrand herself now that she has diabetes,” said a source. “She’s going to have to start cooking healthier recipes."

"She can’t keep pushing mac and cheese and deep-fried Twinkies when she is hawking a diabetes drug five minutes later.”

In August, No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain called Deen “the worst, most dangerous person to America” and said she should “think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us.”

Never one to mince words, Anthony Bourdain.


Old White Witch. She STOLE all of my people's Soul Food recipes...and calls them her own. LOL maybe your people stole them from us. None of those recipes are listed in a African cook book. It is Southern American cooking. I admire her because she did not ask for a hand out raised her boys and learned to make a living. Then just as she had it all she fell in love and married a man who adores her. I wish you the same. I hope you recover from your handicap of racism.


Sounds like Tmac is racist?


I feel sorry for her.
Perfect health is the slowest rate at which one dies.
Everyone who mocks her illness will, one day, face their own health crisis. It may not be related to food but it is inevitable. People should think about this before they are so quick to judge another.


I have always loved Paula Deen and her sons, she has worked very hard to have achieved the success she enjoys today. I have type 2 diabetes myself and I know it's from years of bad food choices. I realize I have only myself to blame, I knew better, it wasen't McDonald's fault nor Paula Deen's, I had a choice. Maybe Mr. Anthony Bourdain thinks that if Paula had never been in the public eye there would not be a type 2 diabetes. I too think he and his program are BORING and sometimes voicing your opinions only make one appear jealous or envious. Hindsight is always clearer than foresight. I guess we always think we can beat the odds, but in the end we only have ourselves to blame for our poor judgement. If Paula is diabetic, I would love to see her recreate herself and have a cooking show for diabetics and others that want or need to eat healthy. She's amazing and I know she would be just as successful as she is now.


Old White Witch. She STOLE all of my people's Soul Food receipies...and calls them her own. Food Network should Fire her white ass. Hire a black chef for God's sake.


She's prides herself on putting as much butter in a recipe(more than it calls for in most cases) as she can. This was only a matter of time. What about her husband>? Doesn't she care about his health?


When asked about her cooking style, Paula says she cooks the way her grandmother taught her. She always tells people to eat accordingly if anyone has any health issues. We all have to be responsible for ourselves. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla. Paula is the most honestly caring and inspiration woman that you would want to meet. She has helped more people find the right path in their lives, no matter what they are facing because she had it in her to do it herself.

Team me

All she's gotta do is make delicious, healthy, diabetes friendly food. It's a great chance to reinvent herself. Plus I'm sure people with diabetes would really appreciate a show on the Food channel that actually catered to them. And just because the food is diabetes friendly doesn't mean people without diabetes can't enjoy it, too! Now she can make herself healthy while making others healthy, too!


I have Type II diabetes too and I have to modify my diet - replace white rice to brown, eat more wheat bagels or bread, more vegetables and fruits, drink water, exercise daily, take medications, avoid sodas, fried foods, or high any food with high sugar. Paula- you are the best cook but you have to take of yourself FIRST.


well i also love paula deen she seems like the most down to earth person and i so would love to meet her,and im very sorry she has diabetes.

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