Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger: Also Out of The X Factor!

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Simon Cowell was not kidding about major changes coming to The X Factor.

With Steve Jones officially out as host - the Brit Tweeted the news himself - new reports indicate that neither Paula Abdul nor Nicole Scherzinger will return for season two.

"At this point, the only ones staying are Simon and L.A. Reid," an insider tells E! News. "Simon wants to take the show in a different direction."

We can only hope that direction involves fewer contrived fights between judges and more of a focus on the singers themselves.

Original X Factor Panel

Producer Nigel Lythgoe was apparently taken aback by this development, Tweeting late last night: "Shocked to see Simon has fired Paula Abdul, Nicole and Steve from the X-Factor."

The X Factor was far from a ratings disaster for Fox, averaging over 12 million viewers per week and regularly winning its time slot in the key demographic of 18-49-year olds. But Cowell had predicted 20 million households and instant competition for American Idol from the outset, lofty standards that he never came close to meeting.

Who might Cowell now recruit to help him compete with the other Fox singing juggernaut? Mariah Carey has been a rumored replacement for weeks and would certainly brings attention to the competition.


"OUT"..,,,,,..Steve, Nicole, Paula.....AND ME!!


paula and simon are the magic....Steve and nicole....bye-bye


I can't wait who they a going to replace these dummies with !!! Come on Cher !!! We want you !!!


Obviously since the show launched with the rest of the new fall lineup, it was hard for fans to initially find all the viewers, because this fall preview season was SO FULL of great new shows. Unlike TIRED IDOL, who always starts in January, with its competition being RERUNS. And also, X FACTOR WAS CONSTANTLY PRE-EMPTED for the World Series, whereas TIRED IDOL gets carte blanche to run as many times a week as Fox chooses to run them. If the roles were reversed... if Idol ran in Sept and X FACTOR ran in January, I GUARANTEE Idol would only average 12 million, and X FACTOR would go over 20 million viewers a week. Yes, the judges and host needed a revamp, but the thing that is preventing the show from reaching Simon's goals is its place on the TV schedule. DUH. Or am I the ONLY person who sees this?


Excellent decision Simon. If you cant make a decision you shouldn't be a judge. And that host was awful that is not the job for him i hope he has a day job.


He needs to get real talent to judge. Nicole is famous for being pretty & singing as a Pussycat Doll a song she didn't even write. Paula can dance, but isn't a great singer. It's hard to hear them give advice. Simon & LA do not sing but the know the business inside & out. They know how to make stars. If Paula stays, it won't be so bad, but Nicole's gotta go. She turns her accent to different ethnicities depending on who she's talking to. It drives me nuts, she bangs her head like she's a rocker, then turns into soul etc. Please be true that she is gone.


X Factor: Steve Jones, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger OUT, official announcement released here (Jan 31)


godd for them! they are drama queens and idiots all in one.

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