Nina Dobrev "Freaking Out" Over Ian Somerhalder Proposal: Report

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Their characters shared their first real kiss on The Vampire Diaries last week, but a new report suggests things have taken a turn for the worse in real life for Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

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According to In Touch Weekly, the actor proposed to his long-time girlfriend over the holidays, but the response was not exactly what Somerhalder has been dreaming about.

“She is freaking out, saying, ‘I don’t want to marry him!’” a friend claims. “She thinks she’s too young, and with all the offers she’s getting, she’s poised to be a big star... They were having fun, and now there’s a lot of tension.”

Call us crazy, but if Dobrev doesn't want to wake up alongside Somerhalder every morning for the rest of her life, we have a feeling a few (million) other women might.

UPDATE: Ian's rep has shot down this rumor, saying no proposal ever took place.


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Well dah z one tin bout bin popular lies n rumour will b.part of ya news


I love Nian Sobrev. They are so cute together!!


I dont know what to say but on-screen Damon oviously fancies the arse off Elena lol feels and K-stew thing going on but Ian is way to good for her and Nina seems like a spoilt teen and if she dosent wanna wake up to THAT H.O.T.T.I.E EVERY MORNING thier is something seriously wrong with her lol x I HATE R-Patts he has no style what so eva HES BORING,T.LAUTNER IS ANOTHER INSANLY GORGEOUS DUDE AND OMG KELLAN LUTZ,Ian probobly didnt propose lol its a made up charade more than likely lol x I FELL INLOVE WITH DAMON SALVATORE THE FIRST TIME I SAW HIM ON THE VampDs lollike a R.patts


This is sooooo fake he is smoking HOT


omg to be 30 years younger and in her place ! but why would he want to marry someone 10 years yonger then him ?


This is so not true, both reps have denyed it as has both Ian and Nina on the red carpet to the PCA's. Stop spreading untrue rumours. Besides Nina's response was that if she had a ring she'd be wearing it meaning that she would've saud yes. Though their both in a time of their lives in which it's enough just to be BF and GF.


Rumors stll Rumors guys....


IDK how rumors start but Ian looks like a nice guy and he really adores her, but yes Nina does look more career and success absorbed. So who knows....


Yeah... haven't you guys heard yet? Her rep shot the rumor down already. He didn't even propose. And seeing as their reps never denied they were dating but denied this as soon as it popped up, I wouldn't believe they covering something up.


yeah there are a million women lining up to take her place, but there are a million men waiting to take his too. if she feels like enjoying herself, why not?

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