Nick Cannon Hospitalized for Kidney Ailment; Mariah Carey Asks for Prayers

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Nick Cannon is currently lying in a hospital bed in Aspen, Colorado.

The singer/reality show host was admitted last night following what wife Mariah Carey described as "mild kidney failure."

"Please pray for Nick," Carey Tweeted this morning from the hospital, adding the hashtag "mybraveman" and referring to the incident as a "serious moment."

Nick Cannon in the Hospital

"We're trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but please keep Nick in your thoughts because this is very painful," Mariah wrote. "They tried to kick me out of the hospital but here I am pon de bed with Mr. C."

It's unclear how long Cannon will remain under doctor's care, nor do we know exactly from what condition he's suffering. But we wish the father of these adorable twins a speedy, full recovery.

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Hey, Nick! I wish you a speedy recovery, you deserve it! I have been a fan since your adolescent days, and it seems your parents kept you grounded. You seem to be a very special young man, you have a good work ethic, love your wife, children, and your family. I hope you get well, and make a full recovery. I just want to give you a little advise about the excessive amount of work you are doing, there no place you are not working! Man, learn to take it a little easy, so you can take time to really enjoy those precious babies. Mariah, to settle down for me, and allow hubby time and space to recover in a healthy, unpestered way. Being in the bed is FAR too EXTREME, especially when he is experiencing backaches from the pain. She can still love you. But, the doctors are the experts. Mariah, take an observant step back, allow Nick to heal. I only wish the best for you and yours, so this loving Fan advise comes from the heart. Get some rest, man!


May the good lord watch over u and help you to pull thru soon !!!


Hoping Nick is better soon, him and Mariah are beautiful together and seem so happy.
They are such an adorable family.
Mariah is more real since she's been with Nick.
He is a great TV personality and has made AGT so much more entertaining! Nick is fun, never rehearsed and caring on the show.
Stern could possibly destroy the show though.




Wishing Nick better health
in this new year! I enjoy
listening to his lovely wife,
Mariah Carey sing. Sing him
all better, Mariah!
Therese in Canada


Yes kidney failure is very painful. Take it from a 23 year old who's been on dialysis since she was like 11. Hope he gets better but just in case it gets worse, he might want to look into which dialysis method he wants. Better to be prepared,i wasn't and I still regret it.


Her overblown ego would put me in the hospital too!


Nick, Wishing you a full recovery. Your will be in thoughts and prayers.