Nick Cannon Hospitalized for Kidney Ailment; Mariah Carey Asks for Prayers

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Nick Cannon is currently lying in a hospital bed in Aspen, Colorado.

The singer/reality show host was admitted last night following what wife Mariah Carey described as "mild kidney failure."

"Please pray for Nick," Carey Tweeted this morning from the hospital, adding the hashtag "mybraveman" and referring to the incident as a "serious moment."

Nick Cannon in the Hospital

"We're trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but please keep Nick in your thoughts because this is very painful," Mariah wrote. "They tried to kick me out of the hospital but here I am pon de bed with Mr. C."

It's unclear how long Cannon will remain under doctor's care, nor do we know exactly from what condition he's suffering. But we wish the father of these adorable twins a speedy, full recovery.


I am so sorry you aren't feeling well!! Please get better soon! Mariah I am sending good vibes your way too. You are both amazing people. I love how you are both dedicated to each other.


Do you guys not realize that posting a rude comment on here not only shows how cold hearted you are but also how immature you is pretty sad really. Kellah, to stay relevant? They dont have to do things to stay relevant, obviously you dont watch tv or read magazines because they are always in them and not for things that they did just to get on tv or magazines. Instead of being so rude you should show some respect and pray for them. The comments that some of you guys left on here are so ridiculously childish it makes me worry about where this world is headed..PRAYING FOR THE FAMILY FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY! Praying all goes well so they can get back to be wonderful parents to those beautiful twins!


Im praying for you nick! I hope you start feeling better


I feel his pain, and I am so sorry. I had kidney failure and was on Dialysis 14 years before I got a Transplant, Don't let that scare you, Others got it right away. It all depends on the person. Tell him to keep the faith. I nvere gave up hope. God will come thru for him. My mosy sincere prayers are with him. God Bless


feel bad


Whose ridiculous idea was it to post this picture?!? OMG these two will do anything to try to stay relevant.


Get well soon nick! I will pray for you. Hi mariah. Give him lots of love. I know you will. Love you lots! By the way, wish you would perform in charlotte nc! I have been a big fan of yours for a very long time!


dear nick,mariah nick get well soon,i will prayer for u n your wife mariah i love your music n shows my very very favort show is wild out n i love your wife to i been list 2 her music the frist time she come out with her music n one of her song i love a lot n i wish i can buy some stuff that mariah has out like the boots n clothes n other stuff 2 i am a big big fan of both of yours guys n i wish i can meet u guys soooooooo much 2


Hope and pray that God and the Guardian Angel be by Nick and Mariah side . If you really read these messages please buy The Power Of Prayer by E.M. Bounds. Pray with Faith, Miracles happen every min. God Bless You!


Praying for nick n family

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