Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney: Cut "Pious Baloney"

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Mitt Romney has a sizable lead in most New Hampshire polls heading into the first primary of the Republican nomination race, but did he take on water today?

With the election set for Tuesday, Romney is expected to win, with Ron Paul in second in every survey to date. Thus, the rest of the field is playing catch-up.

Newt Gingrich, in particular, took Mitt to task today twice over:

  1. Romney's insistence that he is not a career politician
  2. His connection to Super PACs running attack ads

After Rick Santorum asked Romney why he didn't run for reelection in 2006 if he was such a successful governor, Newt told him to cut the "pious baloney."

Later, Gingrich chastised the deluge of negative ads run by pro-Romney PACs, and specifically Mitt's failure to disavow them in a public setting. Watch:


Does Mitt Romney love raising taxes? Yes.
If your definition of working with Democrats is getting bent over by them? Yes.


Does Romney belong to the Church of Rev. Wright? No!
Does Romney have his hand in my Pocket? No!
Does Romney accuse Police of Brutality before an investigation of a professor in Boston? No!
Has Romney ran up Trillions in debt? No!
Does Romney walk around apologizing for America. No!
Does Romney have a Clue as to what America needs? Yes!
Does Romney have a Clean Record? Yes.
Did Romney reach across the Tables and work with Dem's? Yes!
Has Romney ever Lead people? Yes!
Does Romney have a Succesful Background? Yes! Romney will get the Bid! Its done! The question is-How Bold or Scared are people. Do you want another 4 years of the same? The People of this Country have no Faith in Obama. We don't view him as a President. He was a Mistake. He is not and never has been a Leader. 4 more years of him would be a Terrible Mistake. I'm not sure the Country has had enough Misery-Yet!


@Reed, I guess you are either calling those cops liars, believe RINO Romney, or don't care if a volunteer was "targeted by Romney", or if cops were "berated" by Romney. Did these things happen? Do you believe the cops or RINO Romney? Perhaps this is stuff that you like to make lite of?


And let's not forget the Penny Candy Romney Stole back in 1960.

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