Newt Gingrich Calls Barack Obama the "Food Stamp President"

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The campaign of Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is scrambling to put some of his recent remarks in context amid accusations of racism.

As Speaker of the House in the early 90s, welfare reform was one of his signature issues, and improving poverty in America is part of his stump speech.

Though his comments are not always politically correct or well received by some groups, Newt doesn't hold back when it comes to ethnic communities.

Such was the case yesterday in Plymouth, N.H.:

"And so I'm prepared if the NAACP invites me, I'll go to their convention and talk about why the African American community should demand paychecks, not be satisfied with food stamps," Gingrich said on a campaign visit.

If Gingrich wins the Republican nomination (an increasingly unlikely outcome), "I will make the key test very simple - food stamps versus paychecks."

"Obama is the best food stamp president in American history. More people are on food stamps today because of Obama's policies than ever in history," he said.

"I would like to be the best paycheck president in American history."

Gingrich stirred controversy last month over his comments about poor children having no work habits or people around them to teach them how to work.

He suggested that some school janitors should be fired and children should work part time within their school for money and "pride in their community."

The Gingrich campaign immediately responded to criticism, saying his NAACP comments were an effort to reach out to the African American community.

The Gingrich campaign pointed to Gingrich's book Real Change, in which Gingrich was critical of President Bush's "failure to address the NAACP."

The 68-year-old said it was a "clear signal to the African American community that Republicans did not see them as worthy of engagement in dialogue."

Gingrich said he would reach out to any ethnic community that would listen.

"There's no neighborhood I know of in America where if you went around and asked people, 'Would you rather your children had food stamps or paychecks? You would end up with a majority saying they'd rather have a paycheck."

Blowing smoke? Telling it like it is? Offensive? Refreshing? You tell us.


Newt is a douche.....most people on foodstamps are white single mothers with paychecks and kids!!!!!!!!!!! Most people on foodstamps have he just stupid???? Their paychecks don't go far enough to pay their bills and take care of their children....You can have a minimum wage job and still qualify for foodstamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Newt is absolutely right. Obama's policies are clearly draining the nations resources without producing any visible positive results. He's enriching his supporters at the expense of everyone else, especially hard working taxpaying people. Newt is best able to articulate the difference between Obama's statist policies versus the traditional attitudes and virtues that made America great. Newt is the best person to debate Obama, and cut throught the blanket of spin and political correctness that America has been living under for too many years.




To the person previously that made the comment that newt doesn't have baggage should remember fannie mae and freddie mac. Do your research and then speak about the baggage. Your right he doesn't have it, he has luggage.


@Brook-17% of this Country is Black- 66% White. Not enough Black voters to vote anyone in. So who voted for Obama? You guessed it! Without Congress and The Senate you would have a Dictator! Congress & Senate were voted in by the People as well as the Prez. If anyone really believes its worth turning the Country upside down because he's Black is not only Stupid but Racist themselves. Obama is Lost and he knows it. He does not know how to do what he says he wants to do. His Party is in Chaos!


I'm not an American but do follow the neWs.
From where I sit it seems that every time Mr Obama tries to have a bill that will benifit the country passed he is out voted maybe due to his color??


Newt does have baggage. Anyone who has been in DC that long will have baggage. Before anyone plays the Race Card-We all are very well aware Whites are in the Majority when it comes to Stamps. Still-We are stuck in Quick Sand. Obama is Drowning in an Ocean of Disarray! Pipeline? Unions vs. Green Energy- Both Supporters of Obama. This " ObamaCare" - for some reason the Public thinks this will be free. Raising Taxes on the Rich which are the very people that could possibly Create some jobs should Restrictions be lifted- Yet Obama won't do it. Globalization is the very reason this is such a Fucked up mess. Sinking Profits from the USA so we can build Overseas. Now not only are we Jobless we sit and wait for Europe or Greece and we are connected at the Hip with China. LIFE did not get this FUCKED UP by accident. The World is connected-we are all in this Hole and no one is uptop to drop down a Rope. And to think! Some people called this Progress.


He is right...........inner city kids where they are all but 2% receiving some sort of assistance DO NOT have people as role models to show them the value of a job. They grow up "exspecting" the rest of us to pay their way. I know I work there and see the abuse and "entitled behavior" EVERYDAY, and it makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH and MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!


I remember Newt calling First Lady Hillary Clinton a bitch. Which group was he reaching out to back then? Women's Lib?


Seems anymore no matter what you say somebody is going to somehow take offense. However, I do agree that enabling people is far better than handouts to able bodied people. As for Gingrich's platform I resonate with him by a substantial measure than any of the others. There is a lot of negative comment on his somewhat distant past that, in my view raises more concern than warranted. I would certainly not want to be judged by the man I was 5 years ago. I for one regret Obama as our president and feel Gingrich is not only best suited for the job, but also can give Obama the reckoning he now deserves.

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