New App Helps Plan Facebook Response If You Die

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If you up and died, how would people respond online?

What final words would you wish you could've shared?

Thanks to this new Facebook application, you can plan it out. "If I Die" enables you to craft a video or a text message that will be published only after ... you know.

All you have to do is download the app, write or record a farewell, designate one or more "Facebook trustees" and bada-bing. You're prepared if a piano falls on your head.

Hey, death is always right around the corner. Get crackin':

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Wow Diana is a smart one. READ you dope. This is great! Im downloading that app asap. Now Ive gotta start pondering what my last, great words will be..


Diana: u assign facebook trustees so when u die ur friends can activate it.


@ Diana: u assign facebook trustees so when u die ur friends can activate it.


That sounds good but how are they going to know when you die what if u make the video and the next day you pass? Facebook doesn't really know where the person actually lives that would be the right question to ask...