Mourners Turn Out for Ben Breedlove Memorial

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Over 1,500 mourners turned out today for a memorial service in honor of Ben Breedlove, an 18-year old from Texas who died from a heart attack on Christmas Day.

Prior to his passing, however, Breedlove posted a few YouTube videos that detailed his brushes with death and his appreciation for life. He showed no fear of whatever lay ahead, as depicted below:

"It's exciting to know that Ben planted a seed in people's mind to begin thinking about things that really do matter in life," Ben's mother, Deanne Breedlove, told ABC News' Austin affiliate KVUE at the memorial. "You know, we all have hope. Everyone has challenges, but we have a real hope and he saw that. He felt the peace of God when he had those glimpses into heaven and heavenly presence."

Ben's videos have been viewed over 2.3 million times and a fund been established on behalf of his family to help spread Breedlove's message around the world, while also supporting others with his condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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In one of his videos, Breedlove references his favorite artist, Kid Cudi, quoting one of his songs. In response, the rapper ha blogged the following:

"This has really touched my heart in a way I can't describe, this is why I do what I do. Why I write my life, and why I love you all so much. We love you Ben. Forever. Thank you for loving me." 


it really amazed me,and touched my heart,if that man in his condition can served the Lord.How much more to the normal people like us...


Benjamin Daniel Breedlove... boy you made me who i am today... you would always be around to make me laugh... R.I.P Baby boy


Ben's story is the real deal. For those of us who were at his memorial last Thursday, we can tell you that there was nothing fake about it: From beginning to end, an indescribable joy filled the room right alongside the heartache associated with Ben's passing beyond our sight. May his beautiful smile in the face of suffering help us look toward and depend on the Source of hope of strength that never changes.


This was great. In the hype of all the fake entertainment stars, this young guy is truly a star. He is right, and I know as well, God does exist and he does has angels. Get your hearts right and be with the Lord you money hungry celebrities.


A person does Not Need to be a Hollywood Celeb to leave their mark on the world. By all indications, Ben Breedlove was able to enjoy *his life to the fullest while passing on messages to inspire others. It was very thoughtful of Mrs. Breedlove to take the time to share some of her feelings about Ben while she is dealing with her own grief!!


Saw youtube and im speechlesss Thank u Ben for teaching me how to embrace life. I do believe in God!