Miley Cyrus Licks Penis Cake for Boyfriend's Birthday

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Liam Hemsworth turned 22 years old last week and those close to the actor celebrated with a party Saturday evening at Club Icon in Los Angeles.

It was your basic festive occasion, with one notable exception that is now making headlines for Miley Cyrus: the singer, reported by onlookers to have been drinking heavily all night, got up close and VERY personal with her boyfriend's birthday cake.

Which was shaped like a penis.

Miley Cyrus on a Red Carpet

TMZ has posted photos of Miley squatting, sticking out her tongue and posing provocatively at the base of the phallic creation.

At this point, we almost admire Cyrus for legitimately not caring what others say about her. Consider just a few of her actions when cameras were around:

What do you make of Miley's latest antics? Just a young gal having fun? Or another example of the role model not understanding her influence on fans?



She's 18, who cares if she wants to poke fun at her boyfriend's penis cake. We all would do it too, kids either won't understand or they'll understand at all it was meant to be funny, parents, explain it to your children don't hide them in the dark. As for the role model thing, this is just another example of celebrities getting special treatment, any other teenager reported to be drunk before the age of 21 would spend a night in jail. It's a contradiction to itself, how are kids supposed to look up to these stars when the rich and famous get away with anything they want and the kids who try the same things will get in trouble for it. If Miley got drunk at a party, give her the same punishment a normal kid her age would get for it.


Ah just leave the kid alone. Shes growing up!


Listen people, u don't have to call her a skank or whore, but to say she didn't ask to be a role model get over it, is just stupid. she's made billions off of little girls, so yes she has some responsibility to them!


She is over the age of 18 why can't people just let it go and let here be who she wants to be!!!!


Miley is a person just like every1 else she is still awesome in my eyes she is a young lady with a life if it would have been any1 else no 1 would have a thing 2 say about it!!!!


It is very odd her boyfriend had a birthday penis cake. I wonder at what point parents will see she is not a role model. Perhaps when she was Hannah Montana, but she's Miley. Kids growup and sometimes make sketchy decisions.


Hey jonathan....if she tries that in real life she is LOSING as in HIV city...yes Miley Cyrus is a wh_re for even mock licking a negro crank cake-future AIDS patient.Im sure Billy Ray is truly disowning his little skankbag daughter after this attempt at making an ass of herself.


If this was Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, or Katy Perry then nobody would have a problem with it. But because it's Miley Cyrus, a lot of uptight people will overreact, call her a slut, and whine about her being such a 'bad role model'. Just watch.


ok first if she was kid, there would be no way she would be allowed to do this. second who cares if she is 19 or 18. she is not 21 period. who ever she is with could get get in trouble for giving alcohol to a miner. thats just reality. and "miley cyrus should not be excused from this. and third, if she was really smart she would not pose for these types of pictures. i mean come on. after the bong video, pictures leaking of her you would think you would no better. but hey she is only 18 after all. maybe when the police are knocking on her door she will get the picture.


How nasty? And what guy has a penis birthday cake..that is just weird. Thats for bachelorette parties and anyone who likes penis i guess. Wow.

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