Miley Cyrus Licks Penis Cake for Boyfriend's Birthday

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Liam Hemsworth turned 22 years old last week and those close to the actor celebrated with a party Saturday evening at Club Icon in Los Angeles.

It was your basic festive occasion, with one notable exception that is now making headlines for Miley Cyrus: the singer, reported by onlookers to have been drinking heavily all night, got up close and VERY personal with her boyfriend's birthday cake.

Which was shaped like a penis.

Miley Cyrus on a Red Carpet

TMZ has posted photos of Miley squatting, sticking out her tongue and posing provocatively at the base of the phallic creation.

At this point, we almost admire Cyrus for legitimately not caring what others say about her. Consider just a few of her actions when cameras were around:

What do you make of Miley's latest antics? Just a young gal having fun? Or another example of the role model not understanding her influence on fans?



WHAT THE FUCK ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!11


Although I'm no fan of Miley Cyrus, I think people are blowing this way out of proportion. It's not like pictures of her being intimate with her boyfriend are going around, she's just having a little fun like all young women do. I'm sick of people saying "but she's a role model for kids"...If you think this is wrong and you don't want your child to carry on like this, then be responsible for teaching them. Don't rely on someone else (especially someone as young as Miley who is still trying to figure it out for herself), to teach them for you. Go on Facebook, Twitter or go to any high school and you see way worse than this from kids who are much younger.




let me say 1 thing tht she is a normal girl.being a celebrity is lik a curse 2 her.people forget abt the good thing she does.miley is a real person she doent make any fake attempts to show off...............lik other teens stars do she speaks her mind n hello its america y d hell ur killing her .it just anger tht here 1 popstar(miley cyrus)is having fun which is called stuly and otherd r going nude in thier video(lady gaga)which isartistic com in people grow up giv her a space.she is not yur teacher 2 teach u wat 2 do in yur lif.u can see her as a good girl if ur inension r good so fuck on haters...............keep sayin wht u want but she cant be tamed.


I hate how everyone overreacts, she's what 19 and everyone treats her like she is a child. What she does is her business and plus she is already an adult anyways so people just need to stop. There are so many other young adults out there doings things that are way worse. Just because she is in front of the camera does not mean that she should have to live a certain way. No one signs up to be a role model people deem them that. Just get over it already.


I KNEW people would overeact. @Non-ya: There are kids who like her. But just because she's a celebrity and has young fans doesn't mean that every thing she does in life has to revolve around children. It's unrealistic to criticize her every single time she does something inappropriate for little kids to do. She's 19 and no longer on disney channel- she should be able to do things that aren't 'PG-rated' without people getting so pissy about it. @Annie: What Miley is doing in this photo is a raunchy practical joke. She has a naughty sense of humor. Most teens DO have an inappropriate sense of humor. I would know. I'm 19 myself. As far as the drinking goes, even if she did, let's be real: we ALL KNOW that most people don't wait until they're 21, whether they're famous or not. Drinking before the age of 21 may be illegal most of the time in America, but just because something is illegal doesn't mean it's wrong. It should be 18 anyway.


And another thing is she does good shit she dies a lot of chairy work an spends time in hati and that now be gone you utter knob heads


Just another thing do you actually think little kids loom up this shit?:L no they watch Hannah Montana and if thy did they wouldn't know what half the stuff meant anyways, js.


Sorry but is she not allowed a life no? You all seriously need to fuck up. Girls at the age if eleven lose their virginity to any cunt. Has sex with a new boy will drunk every weekend. She's 19 and has a life alright? You want children to have a fake perfect disney shitty role model fuck that when I have a child I want his or her role model to be real. Make mistakes and learn from them because that's what happens in life. Just because kids look up to her doesn't mean she has to stop being her. It's the child's choice to look up to her and to look up to Miley Cyrus not who Miley Cyrus is expected to be. You go be a celebrity and be told who to be for the kids would you do it? I know for certain I wouldn't. Now will you please all grow up and move on. Immature counts.


Wow, she's become quite the young lady, huh? I'm sure her family is very proud.

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