Miley Cyrus Licks Penis Cake for Boyfriend's Birthday

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Liam Hemsworth turned 22 years old last week and those close to the actor celebrated with a party Saturday evening at Club Icon in Los Angeles.

It was your basic festive occasion, with one notable exception that is now making headlines for Miley Cyrus: the singer, reported by onlookers to have been drinking heavily all night, got up close and VERY personal with her boyfriend's birthday cake.

Which was shaped like a penis.

Miley Cyrus on a Red Carpet

TMZ has posted photos of Miley squatting, sticking out her tongue and posing provocatively at the base of the phallic creation.

At this point, we almost admire Cyrus for legitimately not caring what others say about her. Consider just a few of her actions when cameras were around:

What do you make of Miley's latest antics? Just a young gal having fun? Or another example of the role model not understanding her influence on fans?



Jeezus christ... its scary to see how many chicks on here say they all acted like that in public! When i was younger yea i drank and smoked, but at least i was smart enough to do it at home! Not dressing like courtney stodden and makeing a fool of myself! Shes whitetrash, but then again look at her parents. Also if that's how normal 19 year old acts, im never haveing kids.


@ Blaize- As long as your Happy- that's what matters most. Your right! It's insensitive of me. Just because a person gets a Dick stuck up his Ass it Dosent mean he's Gay- after all- he could have slipped and a Dick just happened to be where he landed! Crawl Back in your whole- Your in over your Head- Fucking Racist!


@Reed: And by the way, sexual activity is not about being white or of any other race. There are plenty of African American and Hispanic women who have just as much sex as white women. It's not about being a female either. There are plenty of men and teenage boys who have had multiple sex partners. Your ignorant sexism and racism are uncalled for.


@Reed: Sexist men like you make me sick. You look down on women for having sex or being sexual in any way that isn't subtle, saying that we're 'picked over' or calling us sluts, hos, etc., yet that doesn't stop you men from being sexual or sleeping with as many women as you want. Hypocrisy at its worst.


@anon: Not really. A slut is a person who sleeps around. Licking a penis cake at a party doesn't mean someone is a slut, it just means that the person has a raunchy sense of humor. I highly doubt that teenagers with an inappropriate sense of humor is enough to destroy a whole civilization. Nice try, alarmist.


I'm sorry but why do you all care about what this nobody does? The sooner we stop giving her attention though the media, the faster she will disappear... People are too damn worried about celebrities nowadays, I swear.


Sure it's her business, but this child has no class.


@ Anon- to answer your question- Yes it is the Standard protocol especially for white girls. You see the idea is to Fuck everything they can Black-Brown etc. Before they get married. Then only later do their Dumbass's realize that's someone has been keeping score by way of Background Checks- Cell Phone Photos and word of mouth and they can't Fucking figure out what went wrong! Then again the view is so much better once the "Players" get the Shit out of the street for us men. We don't want a "Picked over" Woman.


If this is standard protocol for american teenage girls nowadays then i guess they are all sluts and the western civilization is doomed.Im ashamed by this.


I wish someone would reel her ass in.

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