Miley Cyrus Licks Penis Cake for Boyfriend's Birthday

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Liam Hemsworth turned 22 years old last week and those close to the actor celebrated with a party Saturday evening at Club Icon in Los Angeles.

It was your basic festive occasion, with one notable exception that is now making headlines for Miley Cyrus: the singer, reported by onlookers to have been drinking heavily all night, got up close and VERY personal with her boyfriend's birthday cake.

Which was shaped like a penis.

Miley Cyrus on a Red Carpet

TMZ has posted photos of Miley squatting, sticking out her tongue and posing provocatively at the base of the phallic creation.

At this point, we almost admire Cyrus for legitimately not caring what others say about her. Consider just a few of her actions when cameras were around:

What do you make of Miley's latest antics? Just a young gal having fun? Or another example of the role model not understanding her influence on fans?



This is way i love her instead that hannah montata shit


She looks beautiful in that picture.. its kinda silly for her to be harrast over a night out. so what if she was drunk and was messing with a penis shaped cake ! we all do it on nights out famous or not . i dont see what the big deal is. chill ! i love you miley :)


Im a white guy and i HATE white girls.All they do is say hurtful things to white guys and spread lies and bash us behind our backs.That is hurtful,ooops i forgot men do not have feelings.Why do you try to make fools out of us pubicly like this? I don't know why white guys even bother with white gals anymore all they do is hurt us and drive us to suicide and whatever.There is no prize in acting slutty for a man or a woman its poor behavior.I guess i still think white girls are beautiful though lookswise.Gorgeous eyes and bodies.Just wish didn't hurt their own guys like they do:(


I'm sure she got tired of being a role model as Hannah Montana all those years & she's just making up for lost time! I don't see the harm in playing around with a cake shaped like a penis. People who aren't celebrities do it all the time at bachelor parties & things of that sort. The only reason we don't know about it is bcuz they AREN'T celebrities. Just leave the chick alone.


@Suitepee- Look up "Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom" then talk to me about Racism.


I agree with reed, except for the rasist part, that was a tad harsh dude. :/


@Blaize- I was born from a White Woman! What I'm telling your ignorant Ass is that the only women I give a shit about is White Women. It's time they get their head out of their ass and realize that their is someone always watching. They are embarrassing the Fuck out of Real White Women that believe in Standards! Just like these Sex Tapes these Dumbass's make- do they not think that their kids and Grandkids won't see them? Once your labeled as a Slut then what do you think happens .... Does it all just wash away? As far as Men? Who the Hell told you life was fair? Please... Your not this stupid- unless of course your Black.


Then you must have a fucked up sense of humor my friend.


@suitepee: She's not 'whitetrash', she's a 19 year old girl with a raunchy sense of humor. It's as simple as that. No big deal.


@Reed: How am I the racist one? YOU were the one who said white girls are promiscuous. I'm just saying that white girls aren't any more or less promiscuous than women who are Hispanic, African American, or any other race for that matter. It's true. It's also true that men and teenage boys have just as many sex partners as women and teenage girls, if not a little more. So the criticism we get as females for our sexuality is ridiculous.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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