Maxwell the Geico Pig: Ziplining to Great Deals!

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First there was the gecko, spawned by the company's name. Then the cavemen, inspired by the ease of saving money ... even neanderthals can figure that out.

Now it's safe to say Geico has a new star in Maxwell the Pig.

First introduced in an ad spot where he went "wee wee wee" all the way home, he's been spun off into a new commercial where he ziplines to money-saving glory.

Watch the weirdness/cuteness below:

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I just love this piggy! Everytime I hear it, it makes me laugh....I could never get tire of those commercials.


I usually like there commercials this 1 is the most annoying that screeching sound is awful have 2 turn sound down how anybody can stand it?


Absolutely love Maxwell the pig. They are the best commercials on tv. Yes, I am a Geico policyholder but that has nothing to do with my liking Max. Most commercials are annoying or have screaming people but these make me laugh. He's a keeper!!


I cancelled both my homeowner and auto insurance with Geico because of this stupid irritating pig commercial


Love the Pig...


As a Geico Customer for years, I love the gecko, hate the pig.
Lose the pig before you lose customers.


weeeeeeeeeeeeeee someone needs to kill this pig. i smell bacon.


Love Max he always makes me laugh


I like the name Maxwell, in fact my older brother's name is Maxwel. Seeing Maxwell the Pig go we-we-we all of the way home brought back many memories of when my father use to say that little ryme while grabbing my toes. Of course this is a little more funny. I have the we-we-we ringtone everyone should get it. My mother thinks that Maxwell the Pig is annoying. I think Maxwell the Pig will go big, in fact he already has. You go Maxwell the Pig, go we-we-we to a star!


I love this pig !! I can't understand him when he talks to guy. He gets serious, says something, and thewn whee's by....Anyone know what he says???