Maxwell the Geico Pig: Ziplining to Great Deals!

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First there was the gecko, spawned by the company's name. Then the cavemen, inspired by the ease of saving money ... even neanderthals can figure that out.

Now it's safe to say Geico has a new star in Maxwell the Pig.

First introduced in an ad spot where he went "wee wee wee" all the way home, he's been spun off into a new commercial where he ziplines to money-saving glory.

Watch the weirdness/cuteness below:

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People need to Lighten Up.
Maxwell makes me laugh every time. How happy can this little pig be?
He is happy happy happy. Maxwell rules!!!
Thank you Geico for putting a big smile on America's face.


Our ski club is having a pig roast in 2 weeks and we would love to honor Maxwell at the party. We found the pinwheels. Do you have any promotional materials-posters, etc? We love him!
Mountain Laurel Skiers


When i think about car insurance, i think about Maxwell, think about Maxwell, then i think about car insurance...absolutely brilliant...........wee.wee.wee.wee saves you money


Congrats Geico, I am yet another customer that has chosen to vote with their wallet and dump you for being so trite and annoying in your advertising. You paid an ad agency to lose you customers.. great work


God, I adore this little piggy. The first commercial with Maxwell holding his pinwheel out the
window crying "Wee Wee Wee" all the way home was pure genious. The others are just terrific as well.
Maxwell forever !!!


i dont even have a car, i just buy the geico insurance so i can keep seeing maxwell. we should all be as happy as maxwell the pig


Brilliant!! That awesome little pig cracks me up! All these Maxwell haters need to grow a sense of humor. Great job Geico!


I absolutely LOVE Maxwell! These are the best commericals ever. They make me laugh & smile and drive my husband crazy because I crack up whenever I see them. Thank you so much for him


Please fire your ad writers. Your cavemen were the worst.Every one of your ads are stupid. I am a former police holder... You need to spend less ( a lot less) on your lame commercials and rebate your advertizing budget to your overcharged policy holders.I have called you several times when you flashed your phone # with your ad. Your ads are very offensive to me and my family. Your pig is almost as lame as the cavemen.. Really !!!


I love Maxwell!!! Makes me laugh each time I think of him :))