Mark Wahlberg on 9/11 Controversy: I'm Just a Real Guy From the Streets!

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Mark Wahlberg is continuing to walk back his recent comments about September 11, saying he made a mistake but attempting to put it in some context.

In the latest issue of Men’s Journal, the actor said that he would have handled things differently had he been on one of the planes downed by terrorists.

Wahlberg's 9/11 comments were widely criticized and he quickly apologized. Speaking to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on Friday, he explained it as such:

Wahlberg, M.

“I would never disrespect the victims of 9/11 or their families. It was misunderstood. My only intention was to explain that I would do anything to protect my family – I would put myself in harms way to protect my family or innocent people."

"That was it. First and foremost, I am not speaking as an actor."

"I am a real guy from the streets and I’ve been in a lot of situations, so I was very out of line and I wasn’t thinking about the real heroes and the guys, women, children, fathers, sons, daughters who were on those flights.”

This came up because Wahlberg was initially booked on one of the flights hijacked out of Boston on 9/11/01, before serendipitously moving his flight.

"If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn't have went down like it did," he told the magazine. "There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, 'OK, we're going to land somewhere safely, don't worry.'"

His comments greatly offended some victims of 9/11.

"People are much more vigilant now than they were on 9/11," Mary Shetchet, a spokesperson for the support group Voices Of 9/11, explained.

"10 years later it easy to say you would have responded differently.”


I have said what hes said a hundred times. I understand his heart and I agree.
Now his new movie contraband was terrible and he should be bashed on that!!


I don't see why he is being bashed for what he said. I was saying the same thing the day it happened when I found out that the terrorists took over a major commercial flight using box cutters.


I don't know. I believe there is life Before 9/11 and life After 9/11 and any "in the moment" speculation is in my opinion...unequal to the former. I know what he wanted to mean, but it just can't ever be "true" you know?


In my view, he just reacted really emotionally thinking that his family might have got hurt, and it's totally understandable. You can get that way at the thought of something happening to your kids. I'm sure he meant no disrespect.


What I got from Mark's comment the first time around is how fiercely he would have gone after the terrorists. I don't think he was saying that the people who really were on the plane didn't do a good job, because they did. He was only expressing how angry he was and how he'd have given his life to protect his family and the American people. God rest all the people involved in 911 who didn't make it. Amen.


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