Marines in Urination Video Identified, Questioned

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The U.S. Marines Corps has reportedly identified all four of the men in the now-infamous video in which they appear to be urinating on dead Taliban bodies.

All are reportedly part of a sniper team based in North Carolina.

The four belong to 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to the U.S.A. last fall after a tour in Afghanistan. Of the 1,000-person battalion, seven were killed in action.

So far, the names of the men have not been released.

CBS News reports that the Marines urinating in the video had been showing off the video as a "war trophy" at their home base in Camp Lejeune in N.C.

At least two of the Marines have been interviewed by USMC officials, but are not being detained as of right now. It is unclear what disciplinary action they may face.

A rep for the White House said this morning that President Barack Obama is aware of the video, but would not say if he has actually seen it yet.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among many, many others in the past 24 hours, has condemned the video, calling the action "deplorable behavior."


Riley - "You know what even though the Taliban's are killers I respect them because yhey have respect for even their enemies!!!!" Guess you forget about the four dead contractors they set fire to in their car after shooting them, then drug their burned blackened bodies through the streets and hung them from a bridge. The Taliban do not respect their enemies. They see their enemies as filthy infidels, little better than filthy pigs which they despise as well.


REAL Marines would never do this. REAL Marines would realize doing so might mean terrible retribution for them and their comrades. These are Marine wannabes who should spend long hard time in military prison for not obeying the oath they swore when they joined - and then they should be given a dishonorable discharge with no hope for any military benefits in the future. Signed,
Former Marine Sergeant


@Renee. WTF?????? Are you really that heartless???? Sure they would have done stupid things if it was the other way round but not urinate on them dead people. You know what even though the Taliban's are killers I respect them because yhey have respect for even their enemies!!!! You know Renee you could actually learn something from these people!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe some of you are condoning this??!? It is deplorable, dispicable behaviour by anyone, any race, any religion. War is war, but to celebrate the death of a human being is awful...and then to urinate on them??! Atrocious....I don't care WHO is doing what, we're ALL human beings. Shame on you.


The point is that they need to set an example. Yes, maybe they would do the same to our dead bodies. So that makes us just like them? How can we say what they do is wrong then? We need to be better than them. They should be disciplined. A lot. That's not to say I don't think the government is responsible... They are. These are kids who lose their friends and have a lot of anger and resentment. Everyone is to blame.


There is def a double standard for the u.s. One part of me says hell yea thats wat they get! Look wat they do to us, but anotha side says wat in the hell were they thinking. Now the taliban has mre material to brainwash their subjects into thinking we are horrible. They shuda neva taped this! Thats one thing i kno for sure. On anotha note i found it very telling that a man interviewed in afganastand (sp) condemed the troops who did this to muslims..... Notice he didnt say taliban or terrorist no he said muslims!


I don't see what the problem is here.. God only knows what they do to us... but i guess thats a different story..


I think its fantastic. U think they wouldn't do worse to us if they found our dead bodies? They attack us and behead us online and we get introuble for peeing on their dead bodies. Nice job USMC!!! if i was there i'd pee on them too!