Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather: Will it Happen?

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Will Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight this May? The former's trainer says he will decide within days whether to agree to a boxing match May 5.

Freddie Roachsaid Manny and promoter Bob Arum are in the Philippines, trying to push back deals to fight other boxers so he can tangle with Floyd.

Roach is scoffing at Mayweather's tweet in which he calls Pacquiao a "punk," saying, "He should look in the mirror. He's been ducking us for two years."

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather

As for what weight class Manny Pacquiao will fight in, Roach said 147 lbs., or the upper limit of welterweight. We'll see if that becomes an issue as well.

Of course, even if Pacquiao can rearrange his schedule, both sides have to agree on a financial deal, leaving many possible opportunities for an impasse.

Roach says, "We'll do it on even terms." At least Mayweather's jail sentence for domestic violence has been pushed back, freeing up his calendar for May 5.

He just needs an opponent to conveniently duck last minute.

Who will win if Pacquiao and Mayweather throw down?


In addition, as a boxer and a boxing fan I have to ask the question, what are Many Pacquiao, his handlers and boxing promoters waiting for? Are they waiting for more time to pass where-in the tooth (Mayweather’s tooth) gets longer and the grass underfoot (Mayweather’s foot) gets taller? My guess is it is all of the above, follow the money train.
To conclude, I submit, from my personal experience having worked with professional bodybuilders and having used PED in the past, that what this all comes down to at the end of the day for an athlete-using PED is a more predictable outcome in a competitive sport and a ride in the first class section of the big money train.


"We're going in a different direction," Arum told the Grand Rapids newspaper. "What I believe is that Floyd never really wanted the fight and this is just harassment of Pacquiao. We appeased Mayweather by agreeing to a urine analysis at any time, and blood testing before the press conference and after the fight. Mayweather pressed for blood testing even up to the weigh-in. He knew that Manny gets freaked out when his blood gets taken, and feels that it weakens him. This is just harassment and, to me, just signaled that he didn't want the fight.�


Sidebar note: Most people not involved in cockfighting and do not know the first thing about cockfighting, called Sabong in the Philippines where cockfighting is legal, PED use is prevalent and a common practice, may find the following interesting There was a recent report in the news and from reliable sources, that Many Pacquiao is a player, part of the cockfighting culture, participates in, and supports cockfighting in the Philippines. This, in and of itself is not proof that Manny personally uses PED, however, it does beg the question, why would anyone who supports the use of PED in one instance, not support it in another instance? Understandably, it would be fair to say anyone using common sense would see why Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his team of handlers would be concerned and why they would be, in Mayweather’s words, “wanting an even playin field.�


So, why would Pacquiao mention blood- testing 24- days before the fight, and not mention blood-testing 24-hours before the fight? Good question perhaps experienced boxers and boxing fans that know boxing and know something about performing enhancing drugs will be able to answer this important relevant question. A closer look at the details for what Manny Pacquiao said reveals, the term “doping� commonly refers to the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, the use of performance enhancing drugs is also common in horseracing and other equestrian sports, and in greyhound racing. In addition, performance-enhancing drugs are prevalent in cockfighting.


For boxing fans that do not understand what he is saying, let me help you connect the dots and translate in precise terms and brake down what Pacquiao is saying. What he is saying indirectly, in an evasive, roundabout way is the weight and size of one boxer who is bigger and heavier than a smaller, lighter boxer is justification for a smaller boxer using performing enhancing drugs (PED). What he said indirectly, in an evasive, roundabout way is that using PED plays a role in determining the potential outcome of a fight. In Pacquiao’s own words, he said he would take the blood test, but, only “24-days ah…mm, before da fight.�


What Manny Pacquiao gave as reasons for why the fight between he and Floyd Mayweather Jr., will not happen makes little or no sense to anybody who is uninformed on the facts and/or uninterested in making sense of what Manny Pacquiao said. However, what he said makes perfect sense to boxing professionals and anybody who knows boxing, knows the facts, and knows how to connect the dots.


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Bob sodervick

I think Floyd Mayweather will win...but I just hope it happens!!!

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