Lindsay Lohan: Model Morgue Employee!

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Lindsay Lohan has been a model employee at the morgue since getting banished there for community service, according to reports. At her progress hearing tomorrow a.m., Judge Stephanie Sautner may even praise her for her good work again.

Lindsay was required to complete 12 L.A. County Morgue visits and four psychotherapy sessions by Tuesday's court hearing. LiLo has done so, finishing up her 11th and 12th community service trips Friday and Saturday. Give a girl credit for sticking to it!

Lindsay Lohan's Smile

According to sources, Lindsay has been a model morgue employee, i.e. she shows up on time, gets the job done with no drama and she's friendly with the staff.

The oft-maligned starlet will be at the halfway mark of her probation Tuesday, with another hearing set for Feb. 15, and another 12 morgue visits required by then.

On March 29, her final hearing takes place, and at that point, she must show she's completed the remaining 17 morgue visits and six therapy classes.

Should LiLo slip at any point with these terms or violate any more laws, she gets 270 days in jail. Fortunately, she seems dead set on that NOT happening.



She seriously needs to lay off the plastic surgery, it's making her more ugly than she already was


I don't have a lot of praise for her. It's not like it's difficult work, although I guess physical labor may as well be rocket science for celebrities. Not to mention that she's been dicking around for years, thumbing her nose at the law, weaseling out of counseling and, if sources are to be believed, acting like she's doing the world a favor just by being there. Lindsay needs a serious attitude adjustment. She doesn't give half a damn about anything or anyone aside from herself, but she certainly hasn't earned the right to the diva behavior. These days, she's a C-lister at best. I want to see Lindsay clean up her act and actually get a job that requires more than her posing for photo shoot after photo shoot, as if it will revive her stalled career.


Lindsey looks like she belongs in the morgue...permanently. She was so pretty when she had her natural hair color, slightly fuller figure (she was never 'fat' or close to it, but was a little curvier) and color to her face. She is so pale and washed out (hair, make up, skin..even this outfit) that she looks like a ghost!


Just because you show up doesn't mean she's a "model" employee. I read that she's arrogant, acts like she's a princess and doesn't interact with any of the real employees. Now that rings true. She hasn't changed a bit.


She looks like shes 40 in this picture


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