Lindsay Lohan For Philipp Plein: So Seductive, Yet Refined!

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Whoa, Lindsay Lohan photos in which she's clothed!

She may really be an actress anymore - when was her last role of note? - but give credit where it's due. She looks amazing in these new ads for German designer Philipp Plein, showing off some serious leg in short dresses and shorts.

The 25-year-old shot the campaign back in September 2011. Take a look:

Nice Legs on the Girl
Lindsay Lohan For Philipp Plein Ad
Sex Pot
Ohh, Sweet Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan, No Pants Edition

Lohan was rumored to be dating Philipp Plein at that time. The designer even said then that "Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model."

Acclaimed? She had to have been putting out.

"We will be able to create some truly unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality," he said. Think they succeeded? She does clean up well ...


At least she proves she can do something worthy... Congrats...


I have to disagree with the statement, "She cleans up well...". I never liked LiLo's looks. And I STILL don't. Women with dark eyebrows and blonde hair look downright unattractive. You KNOW the carpet doesn't match the drapes and it gives me a nauseating feeling everytime I see a female like that. She is soooooooooooooo overated!


Good for her, see Lindsay Lohan Philipp Plein Ads 2012 Hot Photo shoot all images


Awful, just awful. Low rent!

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