Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor: Looking Likely!

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Lindsay Lohan is ready to sign on to play Elizabeth Taylor, according to reports.

It looks like she's nearing a deal to make it official, as she's also working to complete her community service faster than required to clear the way for filming.

At Lohan's probation progress hearing, she is expected to receive glowing reports as a model morgue employee. If that goes as planned, she should be good.

The plan is to sign the deal early next week, barring unforeseen setbacks.

Lindsay Lohan at Golden Globes

The Lifetime film will focus on Taylor's tumultuous relationship with two-time husband Richard Burton, and producers were reportedly keen on Lohan - like Taylor, a star at an extremely young age and often maligned - to star as the icon.

This is just one of many projects LiLo is reportedly considering.

We made fun of the notion that Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos could revive her career, but she made nearly a million bucks, and is actually getting more offers than she's received in years due to her popularity - and growing maturity.

Consider THG humbled.



I hate hollywood for shit like this. Marylin and elizabeth were icons!!! The idiots who decide to ridicule that fame by having this p.o.s. Play elizabeth should be shot. What a travesty. Elizabeth taylor was one of the most beautiful women to everrr step foot in hollywood. So they decide on that thing to play her???? Is all of hollywood on drugs or did lohan sleep her way into the part. I sure hope this is just a rumor, if not my eggs and spray paint are ready for the theaters playing this shit


Oh please...Elizabeth Taylor had more class in her big toe than this girl has in her whole body. Plus Elizabeth Taylor was a beautiful woman .Lindsay is NOT pretty by any means. If you want this movie to be a success then you need to get a woman...yes WOMAN to portray her in this movie. Not a drugged out little girl who has never grown up.


To begin with, I totally agree with Katz...this will be nothing but EMBARRASSING for Hollywood!!! Also, another thing that I totally agree with Katz about is this...people need to protest this movie!!! NOW!!! More than anything, if this horrible travesty of a movie somehow makes it to the big screen, trust will be nothing but a stomach-churning PIECE OF SHIT!!! I think that Anne Hathaway (in my opinion) should portray Elizabeth Taylor on-screen and NOT that pathetic and worthless train-wreck Lindsay Lohan. Just an idea. On-screen, I think that Anne has such beauty, class and (most of all) grace. Lindsay DOES NOT!!! Remember, when Liz was alive, she herself had such beauty, class and grace. Most of all, If Liz somehow knew that LiLo was even in the running to portray Liz herself, Liz would very angrily and very sadly turn over in her own grave!!! YIKES!!! The Bottom Line: Lindsay is nothing but a TRIPLE SSS (sickening, slimy SKANK!!!)!!! PERIOD!!!!!


Ksenia Solo would be a better Elizabeth Taylor she has the look


Go linsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess maybe if Lindsay is portraying Liz when she was drinking and acting wild with Richard Burton, this film *might* work. Who knows? Lindsay is pretty good at acting wild and crazy on booze and other substances. She'd had years of practice doing it.


im all for a lindsay come back! She is actually a great actress and if she gets her crap togetha she cud be awsome. I have always thought if she neva got involed wit drugs she wuda been an a-list actress. Mayb now she can prove that.


Seriously, What was Hef thinking? what.. did he feel sorry for this piece of shit Ho? Really just look at her, she has no right being associated with people like Marilyn or Liz.. She is a Skank Thug Doper... People dont buy into a Lindsay Comeback! Let her go on to the sewer.. she belongs in the Projects not good enough for the trailer park! For Real.


You have got to be kidding me. Your putting this ho as Liz? Time to protest this movie. I won't watch any movie with this slimeball, beaten down tramp! How dare you put this clown as one of the most classy in Hollywood. How embarrassing for Hollywood. If that's the best you have, put it to rest till you find somone. Don't rush with this hasbeen!


Well, what do you know? Miracles do happen! I can hear the hallelujah chorus. She was my favorite actress before she become hooked on those drugs. I'm so happy to hear this. Now, hopefully, if she continues to keep her nose clean and gets this role AND it gets positive press, she will be back in the bigger roles. Just like Robert Downey Jr. She might become an even bigger star than before. *fingers crossed*

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