Leah Messer Suffers Miscarriage

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Sad news out of Elkview, W.V., this morning.
Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has suffered a miscarriage, according to reports. "She was having bad cramps for the past two weeks, and then she miscarried," an insider said the 19-year-old, already parents of 2-year-old twins Aleeah and Ali.

Fiance Jeremy Calvert, who got engaged to Leah late last year, told OK! Magazine that the miscarriage has made for "a devastating experience" for himself and Leah.

Leah Messer Miscarriage

"All I can do is support Leah and take things day by day," said Jeremy, who's not the father of Ali and Aleeah (that would be her former husband Corey Simms).

"It's hard, but we will get through it.”

In the last two years, Leah has known lots of sorrow. She had a very traumatic pregnancy, starting at age 16, and went into early labor at just six months.

She remained on strict bed rest for the last trimester of her pregnancy, and Ali has been dealing with serious health issues from the moment she was born.

Combined with her divorce, it's all been too much to take. Luckily, she is reportedly very happy with Calvert and has him to lean on in this difficult time.


That's right Teri! They probably paid her for that story. Those bitches on that show are getting thousands from MTV to teach young girls that it is okay to become a teen mom. Mtv is paying those girls its just sickening.


Yes it was for the best! I personally think she had an abortion. She is a slut and that's what sluts do when they dont want to be tied down. She needs to be at home with her twins. One of them is sick! She needs to keep her damn legs closed! What did she learn from being on teen mom? Looks like not a damn thing. What a wonderful role model for teens!!!!!!


it was such a painful loss she had to get a story in a magazine to help her mourn. get a grip, I know lots of women who have had miscarrages and they dont take out an ad in a magazine to advertise it to the world, some things are best left private.
If you publish a story in a magazine expect people to comment on it


haha yeah shut up A... take your judgment somewhere else and geet outta here.


Im sorry but I kinda agree with "c" ... this is God's way of telling Leah shes not ready to have another child. I hope she gets everything together before trying again. My heart does go out to her and Jeremy though. Must be a terrible thing to lose a baby.


@A .. Drama queen much?


How can anyone say "it is for the best" ? The child she was carrying died. How is that for the best? Certainly not the best for the parents that had hopes and dreams for what that baby would be. Seriously. Would you say that to someone who just lost a parent?? Think before you speak. I am sure that Leah is suffering and mourning the loss of this child. As a mother who lost a child myself my heart breaks for her and her family. Leah my prayers are with you!


My heart goes out to Leah, honestly though, this may be for the best at this time. Don't get me wrong, this is a sad time for anyone, but I don' t believe she was ready for a new bundle of joy again just yet.

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