Leah Messer Suffers Miscarriage

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Sad news out of Elkview, W.V., this morning.Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has suffered a miscarriage, according to reports. "She was having bad cramps for the past two weeks, and then she miscarried," an insider said the 19-year-old, already parents of 2-year-old twins Aleeah and Ali.

Fiance Jeremy Calvert, who got engaged to Leah late last year, told OK! Magazine that the miscarriage has made for "a devastating experience" for himself and Leah.

Leah Messer Miscarriage

"All I can do is support Leah and take things day by day," said Jeremy, who's not the father of Ali and Aleeah (that would be her former husband Corey Simms).

"It's hard, but we will get through it.”

In the last two years, Leah has known lots of sorrow. She had a very traumatic pregnancy, starting at age 16, and went into early labor at just six months.

She remained on strict bed rest for the last trimester of her pregnancy, and Ali has been dealing with serious health issues from the moment she was born.

Combined with her divorce, it's all been too much to take. Luckily, she is reportedly very happy with Calvert and has him to lean on in this difficult time.

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wow u people talk about stuff u kno noting about if any my kids want to look up to ne one most of the teen moms from mtv would b pretty good choices (most of them) take care of their responsblities an are going to college or furthering their education someother way... I was a teen mom and know how hard it is do unless uve been in theyre position maybe u shoudlnt judge them, because u dont know the whole story...


I can't believe some of the things you people are saying! First off what Leah does in "Her Own" live is none of my business. I'm 23 years old and have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I was a yound mom. Im now a nurse, and married to the same man for almost 5 years! If leah wants to have 6 kids before age 25 that is her choice. I would hate to see what people have to say about some of you judgemental people. So what if she got paid for doing the magazine or for being on the show. How many of you have a facebook and post your situations on facebook, its pretty much the same thing. As for making fun of ali for health issues you people sicken me. It's people like you who make fun of a medical issue that cause the so many younger people to consider or committ suicide. I would hate to see you as a parent and what your teaching your kids! As to Leah you live your life for you, nobody else!


My first comment is to Leah's loss I'm so sorry to hear that I will be praying for you. My second comment is that when leah got pregnant she was on mir ana the birth control that is implanted in your uterus for 5 years it didn't stay implanted and that's how she ended up pregnant. For those who like to say that she shouldn't have gotten pregnant after what has happened to ali well that's why she got the birth control. People just need to back off of leah she is going threw enough she doesn't need to see harsh comments it only hurts and stresses her out more. @mommadawn we love ya we are here for your baby girl leah.


I think that leah was fine for getting prego again. its nobodys business except hers, her fiancees and the twins. So back off. let her do what she wants. And as for Ali, Leah has done everything she can to help her child.


Nellie you're a moron. Her kid is a dwarf.


Very sorry for your loss Leah, try not to listen to alot of the bad things some people on here might say. Alot of them are probably jealous because they were pregnant young and never got the chance to make money by being on a show. As for the people on here making really negative comments about Leahs daughter, you should seriously be ashamed of yourself. None of us know what Leah and her daughter are going thru. Its obvious that Leah knows her daughter has a health issue of some sort and as far as I can see has been handling all of it extremely well. My daughter had craniosynostosis and had surgery at 3 mos. People would say rude things about my baby girl after her surgery, I really wanted to slug them when I was walking by them in the stores, etc....Its obvious that those types of people do not know what it is like to have a child with a health issue.


So, because leah has a sick child she shouldnt be allowed to have more? Thats not a decision for anyone else to make. Personally, I think leah has done a great job with her girls. You dont know what goes on behind closed doors, so why be judgemental. Some of you say not to post in a magazine about the miscarriage, but then you tell about ur own miscarriage... Isnt that pretty hipocritical... Im so sorry for your loss leah and ill wish the best for you and your family. Youre a strong girl, and I know youll get through it. Keep your head up, and keep being a great mom


this poor girl...im so sorry for your loss..and girls come on everyone makes a mistake hers was having twins at 16 but she never once pushed her children off on anyone else...stuck by them and got a job to support them.You girls bash her cuz she was a teen mom but so was i...and im pregnant with my third...im 27 years old...i had my first when i was 18 someones age doesnt mean they cant be a good mom or mean that they should take the crap from ppl like you...also my middle child has autism...i was warned that this child could have autism also but it didnt stop me....i love my kids and this is my third and last child for good cuz i cant have anymore after this...take it easy on this poor girl...she really never did anything for such negative comments and dis respect...


Sorry for lost yes, will time to heal, cause it's a life u lost, I also was teen parent of two, cause son came along unplanned even using two forms of protection! But, I haven't another child since. And planning to either! It's hard being a parent and harder when your younger age! But, u planning at one point another child. Please, try wait till right moment when things are easier going and less stressful time in your live!!!


Amber from teen mom 2 gets 280k a year. Don't let mtv fool you! Leah needs to be booted! 19 and was pregnant again! What kind of role model is she. I certainly don't want my kids looking up to any of the teen moms on MTV. It's one thing to make a mistake once but Leah's 19 and was pregnant again! Come on that's freaking ridiculous ..!!!!!!!