Leah Messer Speaks on Teen Mom 2 Nightmare

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is opening up about overcoming her daughter Aliannah's health issues, which have been a focal point of the show's second season.

On last week's episode, doctors finally told her that Ali is not suffering from any mental abnormalities, even though one of her optic nerves is indeed smaller.

"I was relieved," says Leah Messer, who has watched Aliannah, 2, develop at an alarmingly slower rate than her twin sister, Aleeah. "The worst thing I could've heard would be that there's something wrong with Aliannah's brain."

Leah Messer, Baby

While Leah has tried her best to hide her nerves from her daughter, "it was pretty hard and emotional as a mom to know that something could be wrong with my child."

So while Aleeah took her first steps nearly a year ago, Leah's just as proud of Aliannah's scooting around on her knees and making progress with her physical therapist.

"She's doing great," gushes Leah.

Doctors have yet to rule out a genetic disorder for Ali, but still, Leah's thinking about expanding her family - not with ex-husband Corey Simms, but with her new BF.

In fact, some rumors say that Leah and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert, who are heating up fast, are expecting. We don't believe that for a second, but they are serious.

"Jeremy and I do talk about getting engaged," she reveals.


I think ur doing a wonderful job leah ignore anyone who says otherwise u was really brave im proud of u sweetie


Ya.for real I'm just turned 18 and I'm on my second kid if u whant to have kids early that's ok but I'm not telling kids to go out and have kids

@ laci

First and foremost, I agree with you regarding not judging and putting others down based on their decisions. However, it's obvious that this show depicts the severe difficulties and challenges it takes to raise children as a teenager. Especially if the baby has problems. Without an education it is extremely hard to raise children, due to simply the cost. In addition, the stress of not having enough money, potentially raising a child on your own which is often the case makes it even harder. One must ask themselves first, before I have children, can I provide for them on my own without help from others or the government? If a person makes a mistake once and has a baby at a young age I feel for that person and can understand that they may have made a poor decision and that it does happen. But, when the same person who can not afford one child as a teenager clearly must be aware that they can not afford more but continue to have more children is a problem. I do not know how forgiving I can be at this point. So, the point of Teen Mom is to prevent having children when you can not afford them. Most of these girls are single parents or end up divorced. And for the fathers who are involved cause they seem to cause so much strife and grief that makes the situation unhealthy. These young parents continue to fight and argue and subject their babies to this which will cause many emotional problems as they grow. The best thing to do if you are not ready emotionally or financially is to wear a condom or not have sex. The message is loud and clear and has been displayed in many arenas, like television, school etc. Lastly, the word whant is spelled want and your lack of periods, spelling etc. makes it quite difficult for you to convey your thoughts. Which ultimately proves that you are not ready to be a parent and should spend your time in school to get an education so in the future you can become a professional and an asset to society in order to provide for your children, or to simply be taken seriously. If you do not go to school that is your problem, decision and fault. Do not blame anyone else. Please encourage your children to go to school, get and education so that someday they can pursue a profession which make them happy.


Leave her alone let this girl b if she wants mor kids let her I had kids early n they mean everything to me god bless u leah and ur girls

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