Leah Messer: Pregnant! Engaged to Jeremy Calvert!

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The rumors we reported last month turned out to be true. Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer is in fact engaged to Jeremy Calvert. What we didn't know until now was:

She's also pregnant again!

"Leah just got engaged over the holidays and is pregnant with another child," a source says of the 19-year-old, who has twin daughters. "She is so excited!"

So are we ... gulp.

Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer

Messer was married to Corey Simms (the father of 2-year-old twins Aliannah and Aleeah) for just six months last year before filing for divorce in April.

The MTV reality star last month that she and Jeremy Calvert, who she began dating shortly after her split from Simms, "do talk about getting engaged."

"We have a really good connection," Leah Messer gushed.

"It's different from Corey and my relationship, because we were kinda like forcing it... With Jeremy, you know when you're supposed to be with somebody."

The couple spent December 23 with the twins and had a Christmas Eve-Eve celebration at Leah's mom's house, followed by an early Christmas morning.

Congratulations, and fingers crossed for the couple ...


AMEN SKYLAR!!!!! Thats what i said...... she a nasty harlet..... heck she was preggers with Corey after just one month and now preggers again after 5 or 6 months with a new baby daddy..... sounds like a dirty slut pattern..... I swear it making me not want to watch the show anymore cause it makes me sick to my stomach as well!!!!!! JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING!!!!!


wether she's pregnant or not she's a good mom,and (skylar) don't be judging a book by it's cover and most people want kids and leah doesn't have to stay with one guy and ali's disable problems are her concerns that's her kid and if she thinks she's doing right by leaving corey then so be it and corey is the one that cheated on her so yea


Leah left Corey because he was cheating in her. So is it fair to insult her and demand that she stay in an unhealthy marriage. Disabled child or not, young or not it is her life to live and as long as she is happy then let's allied our business! She is supporting her family through the show that we all watch. Don't hate just be glad that even though she is a teen (with twins) that she stepped up to her responsibility and takes what appears to be good, responsible, loving care to her children. When you are young there is no manual to tell you what is the right it wrong choices to make. You live and you learn! Let's just be thankful she is not on drugs or an alcoholic. Janelle on teen mom is a young drug addict, surrounding herself by only drama and in an unstable relationship with a chronic criminal. She barely acknowledges her son whom she left her 57 year old mom to raise selfishly. If you wanna insult anyone focus on her!


Ya'll obviously DID NOT get the memo that Leah is in fact NOT prego!


The illiteracy of these comments is ridiculous. It makes me wonder why I belittle my intellect by watching such shows and reading such ignorance. BRIT...and whoever else, bastard does in fact mean a child born from un wed parents. There is this thing containing great knowledge you can read anytime when in doubt, known as...a dictionary. If you wish to be biased you can call Leahs children and my daughter bastard children, however I try not to teach ignorance. Do I agree with her choices? No; Do I think it's a bad image to potray to teens or younger children? Yes; Was her actions distasteful on a moral and mature level? Yes. However, these are my opinions. Was I hateful in any way? No, reason is, they weren't my decisions to make...


Sasha ur an idiot, how could she be collecting welfare if she's makin $$$ on the show or did u just throw welfare out there to cut her down, also so what she got pregnant again, how does that affect any of ur alls life, u all act like your gonna be gettin in the mid of the night to take em a bottle or change em. There's prob a young pregnant in all of ur neighborhoods or one of ur all sis or best friends, how would u like if some stranger just walked up to em and started callin them a slut or a dumbass. Just cus u watch an edited tv show with emphasis on drama doesn't mean that u know them at all so just let ppl live there life and if u don't like it then don't watch. None of u are in a position to judge anyone and how do u know she not mad at herself deep down but she's playin a part! Just cuz something on tv and it says reality doesn't make it a fact, are u all that gullible?


You all need to wind your necks in, it's Leah's decision. Who are half of you to say she needs to do this or do that? From when I watched the show she coped pretty well considering her circumstances. When is the right age to have a baby? And how many are considered 'too many'? You hear of older prople unable to look after children as well not just young mums. She's taking one day at a time and doing her best and that's all you can do if anyone important felt she wasn't I'm sure there would be an investigation into her children but obviously not if she still has her 2 baby's. Some people should keep there negitive comments to them selfs. Wonder how you would get on given the same situation. Then you can judge!


In my opinion she went to fast and pregnant. Like first worry abt your little girls then have more children. Ali needs all the attention she can get. She fucked up big time.


Im sorry but you all need a life, and go back to school to learn how to spell. Yea i was a teen mom before I was 21 I had my two kids, no I didnt get married right away either me and my husband waited. When we did get married it was the best thing we both knew we love each other and wanted to give our kids the best. Oh by the way i've been with my husband s ince I was 14 yrs old and now im 32yrs old hiw many of you can say that? Not many and we have a soon who is visually impaired in one eye and its still do able so stop talking shit to make yourselvs look good and feel better about yourselves


It's okay to fall in love and divorce the one you're with even though the poor guy was busting his ass for his family with a handicap infant. But Leaaaahhh you just gave birth to a genetically deformed baby...shouldn't you make sure you don't just get knocked up again...LOVE DOESN'T MEAN TO HAVE A BABY WITH THE GUY YOU LOVE!!! I hope they check your amniotic fluid for genetic issues that your next baby may have...cause as cute as any baby is...the ones that are ill like yours...guess who pays for her costs...people like me and other tax payers who DON'T JUST GO GET KNOCKED UP WITH THE GUY WE ARE IN LOVE WITH...tie your tubes since you don't have the brain to use condoms or some other BCP & get your frigging education dumbo!

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