Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert Dish on Wedding

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Leah Messer is still married to Corey Simms in the episodes of Teen Mom 2 airing on MTV now. But those are a year old at this point, and much has happened since.

The 19-year-old is pregnant and engaged to someone else, namely.

Jeremy Calvert, 22, popped the question over the holidays ... possibly after he got Leah pregnant. Oh well. In any case, the couple is planning their dream wedding!

Leah Messer OK! Cover

Leah Messer: New man, new baby, new bangs!

"It will be traditional, with friends and family," says Jeremy, a pipeline engineer in West Virginia who proposed to his girlfriend of five months with a 1.5-carat diamond.

"I'll want my parents and grandparents to be there."

Giving Leah the wedding she's always wanted is important to Jeremy: "We're both romantic. Leah got all embarrassed when I proposed, and it was adorable."

"We'd like to write our own vows and get married in a church," Calvert, who has no kids of his own, adds with a chuckle, "Yes, I probably will wear a tuxedo."

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as a mom of a young child with disabilities i understand the need to step back and breathe ie work, and its hard when ur doing it alone. but cheating on ur husband thats low, if you needed solice or comfort, talk to other parents going through the exact same thing, get help. I also agree with the not a good role model comment, Jenelle is another great example. but we can nit pick every member of the show for what we think they are doing wrong, and how poor there choices are.


Waaah!! The child is a loving normal child disabled or not thats my point. Leah acts like its the end of her world when the baby is the one physically affected.. cmon get her the treatment and answers to tests take time. I watch I sure do. Corey WORKED to support her n didnt want her out working/whoring on other ppl and wow looky shes pregnant by another KID and gettin hitched again. Her choices to make but wow not good!!!


holli i wasnt talking to u so maybe thats y u cant undrstand what i wrote. That or u dnt know how to read very well.


Did anyone else understand ANY of what Chely just said? I sure and hell didn't.


U bitches on here are such haters and proly dnt even watch the show. Girl who son died ... Really..... I love how u jus think ur situation is so above othas. Ur son was way worse than her daughter so she shud jus shut up and deal wit it? Please The girl does everything for her kids! Shes the one nt dude who did allllll the doc apps. Alone! If u watched the show u wud see all that kid does is wk... And nuttin else. He can barley even hold a convo wit her or come to one effin docs app. Shes does it all alone. And shes the one who said hey i wana wk and her man didnt wnt her to finally he let her wk part time. Sooo u guys shud really watch before u comment on shit u dnt kno.


I'm sorry about the loss of your son, Tressie of NC. I agree with you totally. Some people don't prioritize until it's too late, and that's very sad.


I read in the Daily Mail that she is wanting her own show and brand, thinking she's the next Kate Plus 8. I've got the perfect show title: The Whore With 4.


What a fucking hideous photo of Leah.


Corey deserves better, all he does is work trying to make a living for her and the twins and she apparently don't want to work, I know how hard it is to have a handicapped child I had one and my son's problems were way worse then her daughter's unfortunately my son passed away due to his problems and she really does need to focus on her kids and put her life on the back burner because those twins should come before her hair, nails and sex life.


I agree.Leah needs to stop whining about her daughter's disability.Grow up Leah.I don't think she should have gotten married.That is what is wrong with the teenagers,they think they know more than us.Pathetic! Stop chasing another man and take care of your babies.

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