Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert Dish on Wedding

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Leah Messer is still married to Corey Simms in the episodes of Teen Mom 2 airing on MTV now. But those are a year old at this point, and much has happened since.

The 19-year-old is pregnant and engaged to someone else, namely.

Jeremy Calvert, 22, popped the question over the holidays ... possibly after he got Leah pregnant. Oh well. In any case, the couple is planning their dream wedding!

Leah Messer OK! Cover

Leah Messer: New man, new baby, new bangs!

"It will be traditional, with friends and family," says Jeremy, a pipeline engineer in West Virginia who proposed to his girlfriend of five months with a 1.5-carat diamond.

"I'll want my parents and grandparents to be there."

Giving Leah the wedding she's always wanted is important to Jeremy: "We're both romantic. Leah got all embarrassed when I proposed, and it was adorable."

"We'd like to write our own vows and get married in a church," Calvert, who has no kids of his own, adds with a chuckle, "Yes, I probably will wear a tuxedo."

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hmmm, what to say i think its a pattern with leah for sure. i was hoping she'd see some light and i'd also like to see her and corey if nothing else "finish/end|" before she runs off and marries someone else. i dont think they were really ready for a divorce. shoot divorce maybe they shopuld have grown up b4 they married;lol


leah dont let these people runin your day it is your life and you get to run it no one elese i just want you to know you are awesome


I used to really like Leah and I understand the she is very young and her emotions/feelings are overwhelming, but she went the complete wrong way of going about things. She does SEEM selfish and cheating twice with the same guy?? I mean come on now! You cheat on Robbie with Corey..have a baby..but keep going back to Robbie (even it was CLEAR that he was dismissing her when she came over with her girls) and cheat TWICE w/ that douche bag again on the father of your child BEFORE your wedding! Like really? Now your already engaged and living with someone..I feel sorry for the poor guy. I hope she doesn't screw his life up or her's again either.


Once a whore, always a whore. This stuff happens everyday. All kinds of people cheat some get caught & some don't. I'm just glad that she got caught early because Corey didn't need to waste another second with her & can move on with his life. He deserves much better. Leah seems selfish & doesn't care what it takes to get what she wants, even to exploit her own children. Go to college, don't use your children as cash cows. Silly country bumpkin. And Jeremy Calvert does seem feminine.


Isn't Leah concerned since they don't know what is wrong with ALI that it's possible another child could be born with the same genetic disorder? I know that they say wait and see we don't know what is wrong, she may have skeletal dysplasia, well that's a big risk to take especially since many forms of skeletal dysplasia vary in their severity. It's possible if her baby does have a genetic disorder maybe she doesn't have the severest form and any subsequent children born could have a more severe form. Also some of the disorders only one parent carries the gene for them, if Leah is the carrier.....and it's a dominant gene then ... well you get the picture. I am surprised this hasn't been brought up by any media??


Omg reading all of these comments has definitely brightened up my gloomy day. I wonder if some of these people put as much blind faith into God (or Buhdda, or Ali, or whomever/whatever else they choose to worship - yay for the freedom of religion!!) as they do in all of the supermarket tabloids they read that usually cite an "unnamed source" or "insider," meaning they can make up pretty much whatever stories they want to in order to sell magazines.


you ppl act like you know everything Corey is not miss good pants he cheater too he has a fucking girlfriend and she take care of her kids thank you she has them she can have a fucking love life there nothing wrong with that so stop fucking hating


Wow, I was cheering for Corey and Leah ever since the show first aired. I am so disgusted by the fact that she has two children with Corey and now is pregnant and engaged to another man. I was hoping she would have changed her trashy ways and grew up, but than again you can take a girl out of the trailer, but you cant take the trailer out of the girl... Sad shame. Trailer Trash.


Stupid girl she is.


Every time the show goes to her part, I am bored. I feel for her daughter & I know how hard it must be. I was a teen mom with a child that had problems but it's hard for me to watch, knowing that she's now remarrying & pregnant again. Her parents must be so proud. I'm not saying stay with someone just because you have kids with him, but how about not jumping to someone else & doing the exact same thing again.

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