Lana Del Rey Struggles Through Saturday Night Live Performance [Video]

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Poor Lana Del Rey.

The singer seems perfectly nice, and she clearly has some talent, but the artist was overwhelmed on her Saturday Night Live debut yesterday, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot during a rendition of "Video Games," randomly rubbing her hip, lacking any and all energy or emotion.

Del Rey mumbled in to the microphone and rushed through her lyrics, as the faces of her backup band members even look horrified on her behalf. See the train wreck for yourself and join us in wishing Lana better luck next time.

If there is a next time for her, that is...

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I thought her voice was unique and beautiful. As for her movements, did they expect the macarena?? She looked fine to me she sounded beautiful...


I thought her performance, although not super confident or strong was ecclectic and herself. She seems to have her own style and this is it, leave her alone.


I had never heard of Del Ray but watching her I thought the same thing as others, that it was a joke or skit. She was so off key and her movements were laughable. It seemed like she was trying to be Sexy and failing horribly. She was so off tune it was a painful and awful performance and when she sang a second time it was a repeat of the first.


Perhaps it is because she is not a mainstream artist popping up on red carpets and on MTV 24/7 is the reason for these poor reviews ... there was really nothing wrong with this at all. its a different flavor of music in a pop oriented world. I guess we need the pro's like Miley Cyrus to show us how music and art should be. What a joke of an article.


Like Brad I had never heard of Lana Del Ray or this website, but I watched SNL and was amazed at how awful she was. I kept asking myself if she was the real musical guest or this was Kristin Wigg playing an inept singer. Del Ray went off tune multiple times and mistook drug-overdosed for sultry. She actually had negative energy, sucking it into a blackhole where it disappeared forever.
Again, I had no preconceptions about Del Ray whatsoever and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my sentiments were shared in the blogosphere...


I'm clearly out of my element here, since I've never heard of Lana Del Ray, or this website, and I don't really follow hipster internet fads, but Gawker alerted me to this "infamous" performance and the apparent internet uproar about it. Honestly, I don't get it. What was the problem with her performance? I guess I can tell she was nervous or whatever, but only because I was looking for a problem because of the big deal being made about it. And is being nervous really a big deal? The song kind of dictated that she just stand there and sing, not dance around like an idiot. I'm just curious what she should have been doing...


Lana Del Ray, in my opinion, gave a haunting performance. While she did seem a little uncomfortable, I only noticed it when I watched it for the second time on your site (to which I've never been before and to which I will never return). When I saw her performance on television I was captured by the sultry and beautiful siren. She was both a beautiful young woman and a wise old soul. The only train wreck here is Hilton Hater, who obviously just needed a target. Head back to the playground HH. You are WAY off!


>as the faces of her backup band members even look horrified on her behalf. Oh come on! You can barely see the the band's faces with all the lightings and stuff!... She was uncomfortable but not a train wreck.


Nothing like reading a writer called "Hilton Hater" criticizing a talent... Why don't you do something?..