Lady Gaga New Year's Eve Performance: Watch Now!

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For native New Yorker Lady Gaga, it was a dream come true.

The singer performed live in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, treating Little Monsters to a medley of “Heavy Metal Lover,” “Marry the Night” and “Born This Way.”

She began the routine in a costume that looked like a cross between Jabba the Hutt, a giant squid and a sequined Pac-Man. Your guess is as good as ours really.

Soon enough, she changed to a (relatively, for Gaga) normal black body suit, Catwoman mask and globe-structure thing. Watch her NYE performance below:

Gaga later helped NYC Mayor Bloomberg push the button to drop the Times Square ball after changing into a sparkly Versace number. What a way to start 2012!

Always emotional but rarely like this, she got a little choked up talking to Ryan Seacrest about the whole thing. Check out her brief interview after the jump:


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For everything in today's standards, it's not surpriseing she's considered "ALL THAT" , but for all that's true, and fantastically remarkable, she ain't no Madonna!!!, Her and her dancers, fall way short,, to say the least.


I love Lady Gaga so much and i adored her performance and her talking to ryan seacrest was too cute. I loved her dress and it was too funny seeing her kiss and dance with the mayor. Cant wait for born this way tour dates. Please announce them soon! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


Mayor Bloomberg Kissing Lady Gaga New York City New Years Eve 2012 Video


We watched this and for a moment wondered if it was lady gaga. It sounded exactly like her but she looked different. The fam said she looked prettier and had her teeth fixed. When she did the speech, she looked like the lady gaga we always knew. Very sweet that she was crying. So, did anyone else wonder? ......Lil monster fans

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