Kristine Osorio: On Verge of Divorce, Stardom

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We're not sure if we'd recommend the route Kristine Osorio took to arrive in Texas for season 11 auditions on American Idol.

This single mother of three took out a loan to help pay for a divorce attorney... and then used those funds instead on a plane ticket south. But, hey, it's working out so far for the 28-year old, who didn't simply receive a Golden Ticket to Hollywood last night, she caused Jennifer Lopez to utter "Thank God" the moment Osorio hit her first note.

Watch the VERY impressive try out now:

Osorio is one of two contestants from the most recent episode who really stood out. The other is Ramiro Garcia. His audition and backstory truly moved us.


kris, why did you post the blog about not knowing why you were cut backstage in hollywood? you know why!!!!!!!!! because of your dishonesty on your application and the way you acted at the hotel in hollywood. just like you got us 86'd from the gig in McAllen Texas before the show because you were caught in a coital position in the restroom.

Carol worth

Not sure. I like her but her voice didn't impress me. Wishing her well and hoping to see a good performance in Hollywood! ~0:-)


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