Kristin Chenoweth National Anthem Rendition: An Epic Win!

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Unlike Steven Tyler's national anthem performance at the AFC Championship Game, no one will be debating whether or not Kristin Chenoweth killed hers a few hours later.

How that voice projects from a woman not even five feet tall is amazing.

The Broadway star and actress, who will soon take her talents to ABC's new show GCB, took the field before the NFC Championship Game in San Francisco, California.

The New York Giants prevailed in overtime, 20-17, to advance to the Super Bowl. Watch Kristin honor America with a terrific rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" below ...


I've heard better at a little league all star game. Just because the celebrity wasn't intoxicated and didn't forget the lyrics to one of the most popular songs in the country does not mean that it was "epic" in any way.


Thank you for bring up what a fantastic job she did. Anyone who is asked to sing the national anthem should listen to her performance! She was wonderful!


THAT is how you sing the National Anthem. Great job!

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