Kristin Chenoweth National Anthem Rendition: An Epic Win!

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Unlike Steven Tyler's national anthem performance at the AFC Championship Game, no one will be debating whether or not Kristin Chenoweth killed hers a few hours later.

How that voice projects from a woman not even five feet tall is amazing.

The Broadway star and actress, who will soon take her talents to ABC's new show GCB, took the field before the NFC Championship Game in San Francisco, California.

The New York Giants prevailed in overtime, 20-17, to advance to the Super Bowl. Watch Kristin honor America with a terrific rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" below ...

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This was pitch perfect with none of that melismatic (also called "riffs" or "runs") crap that singers use so they do not have to sing the honest note as it was written. And usually because they CAN'T do it as written. This was spot on. The girl can sing, and she can project. Most of the melismatics could not live without that microphone in a death grip. She is used to projecting from a Broadway stage into the back rows. And she does it here. I say Brava!!


She sucked, they booed her during the whole thing. Steven Tyler did a much better version, than the same ol lame crap the organist play.


WOW! Kristin Chenoweth sings the National Anthem with such emotion. You can tell by her singing and actions she is singing it with the love that a citizen has for her country. She is a marvelous singer who sings from the heart.


I thought it was basically so-so. I'm not saying she's a bad singer, she isnt, she's a good singer. I just dont like the soft opera style. I also like when the singer belts out "and the rockets red glare..." she didnt do that. However, after Steven Tyler's performance, she was a breathe of fresh air.


someone is tone deaf. Steven Tyler's screeching of our anthem was a disgrace, The San Francisco version was great and pleasant. She seemed to really enjoy doing it. If you booed her you are sick


I thought she did a very poor job. I hate opera anyway. It's a very affected way to sing. I think she may have set the world record for longest version of the song. I think it lasted 20 minutes. Anyway, in the context of the venue in which she was asked to sing, it calls for a quick rendition and not a painfully slow one. I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and she was STILL singing when I got back.
Not good at all.


GREAT JOB!!!!! I'd like to hear those "little league" singers --wow. Even if you don't like her style of singing, doesn't mean that you shouldn't realize her talent level.

Avatar it wasn't epic, and it was no comparison to Steven Tyler's performance.....because they are two different type singers....I think she did well....not over the top, but not bad either....and again to RJB...grow up and be happy, being miserable is not good for you. grow up and quit acting like a child. you sure are jealous of anyone's success.......


Excellent :-)


I thought it was horrible.