Kris Humphries: Out to DESTROY Kim Kardashian!

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Konsider yourself warned, Kim Kardashian: Your ex-husband is on the warpath.

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, Kris Humphries has once again met with an attorney because he wants to take legal action against the Kardashians and the ways he has been portrayed on their E! reality show.

Life & Style Cover: Kris & Kim

"He's not going to be vilified," an insider told the tabloid. "Kris knows his rights. He will sue."

Humphries is especially upset at last Sunday's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, as he thinks it's "noticeable" that Kim's negative quotes about "married life" were voiceovers added well after the scenes in question took place.

But this is all hogwash, a friend of Kim's says.

"You can't edit what Kris said - he said those things, and maybe the truth hurts. He wants to sue because he saw what he looks like on TV and he's embarrassed now."

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Kim is such a bitch always falling in love with every Tom dick and harry. she is soo fake .she is trying soo hard to be Liz Taylor.F......k off.


Kris is a F-Ing jack a** everybody that has watch the kardashians series knows that when Kim falls in love she loves hard....kris knew what he was getting himself into the minute he got with Kim,Kris was trying to change Kim and make her some kinda small town girl which was not going to happen...and for all you haters that say the kardashians are rich sobes and only care about themselves,? Go figure,that family works hard for there money,if your rich,what are you suppose to act poor just cause of other around,No! Anyways, I hope the best for Kim and her family, all she seems to want is a loving husband and a family,Kris obviously didn't fit the part....


I think Kris makes enough of his own money.. KARDASHIANS are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who just want their 15 minutes of fame. Just liike Paris Hilton!


i realy hope kris destroys kim and her family. their selfish people who think about themselves. all she wanted to do was controll him and when she couldn't she wanted out. she's a bitch who deserves nothing. good for him. TEAM KRIS !!!


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Please sign and pass it on. Let's make it happen.
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Kris: please don't waste another minute on her
. She just wants more attention... Besides you can do way better!!!


Team Hump! And Kim, stop with the injections or surgeries or whatever you're doing because you're starting to look waaaaay overdone.


The Kardashian's & Kris Jenner no how to manipulate the media & make tons off of it. Yes, he said the things he said but it is Kim's show. Mommy can have things edited. I don't mean she can make someone say something they didn't say, but she can have it played out of sequence or not show something that caused that outcome. Kim's a pretty girl but her whiny, complaining, self entitlement act is so old. He is being made out to look like a villain when it takes 2 to make a relationship work.


Kim is a sweetheart, It's overlooked that she gave this creature of nature a loving home!!


They just need to get over it because their marriage is over and they just have to use this as what it is.