Kris Humphries: Out to DESTROY Kim Kardashian!

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Konsider yourself warned, Kim Kardashian: Your ex-husband is on the warpath.

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, Kris Humphries has once again met with an attorney because he wants to take legal action against the Kardashians and the ways he has been portrayed on their E! reality show.

Life & Style Cover: Kris & Kim

"He's not going to be vilified," an insider told the tabloid. "Kris knows his rights. He will sue."

Humphries is especially upset at last Sunday's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, as he thinks it's "noticeable" that Kim's negative quotes about "married life" were voiceovers added well after the scenes in question took place.

But this is all hogwash, a friend of Kim's says.

"You can't edit what Kris said - he said those things, and maybe the truth hurts. He wants to sue because he saw what he looks like on TV and he's embarrassed now."


Fake Kim,come to Africa and you will see what big toosh looks like.In Africa your ass is considered AVERAGE


Is everyone leaving a comment here illiterate? Either that or their on food stamps!
Kim is a CUNT. Her Dad is rolling over in his grave wondering what
what happened to his family! A bunch of insincere money grabbing
Ho's! Kris Jenner is 1st in line. I can't waIt to see what happens when
the spotlight stops shining on these frauds!


Kris, needs to.get over this chapter of his life..It's obvious he is imature non inteligent. He still a kid in mind. Why he all pissed if he made millions in the wedding. He was paid both were and he gets paid now for interviews. Come on please sick already. Leave the Kardashians alone already. I'm not on her side for poor choice of men. But how can one respect a.bafoon like Kris.. get another girlfriend or boyfriend Kris move on. Another thing kardashians have so much money they will tear his behind before he can hurt them


I'm sorry Gloria but it's women like you who are setting the progress smart, intelligent, independent women back hundreds of years. Anyone who watches the show can very clearly see why Kim divorced this shit talking immature ape looking baffoon, and if ur on his side it's obvious ur on the wrong side of progress. Yes women should respect their husbands but not when they are immature idiots trying to catch a free ride on the fame train!


Shit is fake. I wish someone would cancel the show already..


Fuck chris he ain't shit leave kardashians alone get over it chris u ain't shit that's why kim left ur lame ass kim fuck what people say about u ur good person


I love Kim she is the best I wish I cuddled met her she is real fun all hates


for all u haters out there for kim u guys are a bunch of BS. kris is just as bad as kim.god. kris is an ugly mofo tats need to keep his fucking mouth to his self. hes very impoite af. god u people are fucking stupid as fuck .yes kim rushed her marriage but it was her choice n its kris humphires fault for saying those words like wat all people say think for u talk dumbasses . u guys need to hut the fuck up n kim is stupid to. she got married to eary .. she cant fucken stable her marriage like khloe n lamar . so all u haters should not hate on kim. god kris is a faggot basketball shooter that can make shit he will never beat lamar. god fucking people u guys piss me off it isnt evn kims fault . kris shouldnt sue. his fault fir saying those words like i sai everyone should THINK BEFORE YOU TALK DUMBASSES. KK BYE :)


i think Kim Kardashian and this whole marriage was a sham Kim is so full of her self


It's a new year so where's the next husband for Kim Trashdashian?

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