Kris Humphries Marriage Proposal: Kontrived by Kim?

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With rumors swirling that Kim Kardashian simply staged a conversation with her mother on a recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York - one in which she bad mouths ex-husband Kris Humphries - a new report claims the reality star similarly contrived the proposal that led to this pair's 72-day union.

We'll give you a moment to process that truly startling allegation.

An anonymous friend of Kris' tells Radar Online that the basketball player wanted to pop the question in Minnesota. Alas, Kim gave him no say in the matter.

"Kim told Kris how, where and when to propose, it was absolutely no surprise to her whatsoever," this insider claims.

Humphries reportedly is considering a lawsuit based on the ways E! and the Kardashians have edited their show to make him look like a dufus. In this case, the mole says producers forced Kris to propose during the daylight and that Kim was in "full hair and make-up" when it went down.

"Kris wanted it to be very intimate and romantic, but all of his ideas were shot down by production officials and Kim."


@ogechi.....really? Kims ur hero? Wow. U have some pretty low and fake standards!


I can't think of two people better suited for each other than these knuckleheads. She lives in some dream world of makeup, red carpets and money, money, money. And he's just dumber than a box of rocks. So BIG surprise -- it (proposal, engagement, wedding, divorce) was all staged!! Let's all move on from these fools and talk about some real gossip, like Lindsey playing Elizabeth Taylor -- now that's fun!!


kim k is a fat-ass ghetto bitch. why anyone watches this sleeze is beyond me. i wouldn't hire this trash to clean my toilets.


Kim Kardashian & her family always win. Who was giraffe kris b4 kim? Kim is my hero, I love her. Stop writing all these trash because I'm not gonna change my mind about her.


Was there ever any doubt the proposal was staged? I mean, really, her and her family's whole life is staged. How this can be consider reality TV is beyond me. There is not one real thing about it. She and most of her family are vain, selfish, greedy individuals who tend to use people to their own ends. I watched this show the first season and then never again. How can you have any respect for a mother who pimps her daughters out for a quick buck? Not to mention the fact that these people will go to the opening of envelope if it will get their picture in the magazines and papers. It will all catch up with them in the end. Karma is a bitch. What comes around goes around. It's already starting to catch up with them judging from the comments.


I think you pathetic people would believe the world was made of swiss cheese if it was in the media. Get a freaking life already! who fucking cares about these people after their show is over's meant to entertain us for an hour then you MOVE ON! start worrying about important things like the economy, the homeless, or even just your own damn business!


First os all why did Kim know before hand Kris was gonna propose to her. Kim puts her career before anything else therefore she will grow old alone, and childless and she will see then that all the fame wasn't worth it.But still don't understand why Kim knew about the proposel


I agree that no one held a gun to Kris' head to do what was asked of him. I do believe he was smitten. HOWEVER this should be a wakeup call for him. Kim is a looker is true. But she is definitely empty on the inside, and I believe that haters will not do as much harm as when she is older and all the material things that she has accumulated do not fill the void that she will be left with.


Come on guys, Ʊ guys shld give kris a break kim is same a whore dats why she use kris 2 put more money on her greedy pocket. I pray she get old very soon and find out that she cant just use people the way she likes someone else will do that to her she's a stupid, greedy, selfish fool i just hate her so much.


Why am I not surprised. It sounds like they would do that..
Its all about Kardashians, everyone else can kiss their butts.. Its pathetic...

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