Kourtney & Kim Take New York Rekap: Kim Doesn't Give a Krap About Marriage

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Sunday on Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian finally has hubs Kris Humphries living with her in the city ... but decides she has more fun when he's not.

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    I love the kardashians


    Does anyone know how many flavours there are at Kim's ice cream store?


    Those women are bitches - every one of them. It's a wonder none of their husbands/boyfriends haven't slapped ever them around, including the mom.


    I meant she could go out of town with her Mom but he's supposed to ask first? She so arrogant


    I believe she knew all along that this would happen. She made it very clear that this was "HER" dream wedding.If he had any doubts I do not believe he would've bought such a huge rock for her chubby little finger.Also all her leading questions about having a baby shows clearly she is not ready to be a mom because she is too self centered.She would bring it up and lead him into the conversation then disagree with whatever he said.He could go work out of the Country but he has to ask? Whats with that Kim K ?


    I cannot believe how much hate there is out there. There is never a positive article on this family and there are always so many horrible comments from readers. We all know that noone would have ever heard of them if it hadn't been for Robert Kardashian Snr. He must be turning in his grave at the lack of dignity there is attached to his family. We know the women are absolutely obsessed with fame but they are utterly harmless and a huge amount of people cannot get enough of them. As long as people are interested, they will be in the spotlight - even Kris Jenner, I'm afraid.




    Kim never cared about the man she married; Kim wanted to get married because her youngest sister got married to an NBA star and LaLa Vasquez got married to an NBA star so she wanted to show them that she could marry an NBA player too. Kim Kardasian is one of those people that thinks she is more beautiful and that she can have it all; The entire marriage was just for show. She got a diamond out of it and loads of publicity. She has no talent and no personality she is not aware that beauty fads.


    Kim is just so fake n the rest as well..they hate the paparazzi but they milk them for their own publicity ..thank god they have seacrest that promoted this crap...kris hump is lucky to be rid of these people now if only Scott have the balls to leave too..these gurlz treat the men in this family as property n treats them without respect! Sad sad


    The SO CALLED writer called *Hilton Hater* shouldn't be doing this kind of work at all. He or She is very nagative, so nothing that is done by the Kardashian family will ever be given in a TRUE form. This writer puts RACISM at a low, and thair HATE for the RICH KARDASHIANS,at a scandalous HIGH.Kim seemed to be VERY WELL rehearsed with this SHOE deal, where was the *Hilton Hater* to think that Kris Jenner was standing right there QUEING Kim? *Hollywood Gossip* is a a very LOW catagory in covering the RICH/FAMOUS.

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